A Multichannel Work at Home Call Center Can Boost Your CX

Work at Home Call Center Can Boost Your CX

Customers today want fast and easy service on a 24/7 basis on their preferred channel. Making customers switch between different channel, slows down the process, causes disconnected conversations, and cause dissatisfaction among the customers.

According to American Express 2017 Customer Barometer, 33% of Americans consider switching companies just after one instance of poor customer service.

Today companies around the world are facing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, whereas their customers are looking for resolutions, answers, and advice while coping with these new challenges. Standing in this uncertain time, when emotions are running high, companies need to offer their customers a seamless multichannel experience to resolve their issues faster and through their preferred channel.  

Great brand experience can strengthen the customer-brand relationship, build trust, generate customer loyalty, and create an emotional connection. It is possible to deliver high-quality, uninterrupted customer experience on your customers’ preferred channel through a solid work at home model, especially when the world is going through an unprecedented crisis.

The Multichannel Advantage

Due to the global pandemic, companies across all industry verticals across the globe are experiencing a high call volume. Customers are contacting airlines, hotels, banks, and retailers for assistance. Companies are trying hard to deploy work-at-home solutions to provide the customers with the best service in this rapidly changing situation.

Therefore, engaging your customers where they are have become more critical. Having a seamless multichannel contact center partner can help your business manage the unprecedented call volume and can even help you rightly engage the customers contacting you via email, chat, and social media.

Lower Cost

When you are meeting your customers across several channels, the cost can run high. However, with the right outsourcing partner, you can bring down the cost significantly by placing your agents in places where they are needed the most.

A work-at-home model can allow you to work with lower overheads, a strong talent pool with minimal attritions, ensuring a smooth business operation. It can also boost your CSAT scores.

Flexible Scheduling

Working with a work at home call center means you can add the right amount of agents to meet the current demand. The flexibility ensures increased productivity and no wasted expenses. Work-at-home contact centers with a strong talent pool can flex during the peak hours or unprecedented call volume spikes at the shortest notice. So, you can stay assured that your customers will get their answers at the quickest possible time, even in the current situation.

Digital Resilience

Building resilience is the need of the hour for every organization today. Amid the crisis, companies need to prepare a business continuity plan to reduce the impact. Closure of a brick and mortar location, managing increased absenteeism due to illness, as well as care of family members and adopting a remote work strategy are critical for the success of your BCP plan. A multichannel work at home agent model is just the right solution for meeting the ever-changing customer need in the present situation.

Fusion CX’s Work at Home Solution

Incorporating Fusion CX’s work at home solutions to your BCP planning can ensure resilience for your business in the present situation and the economic downturn that follows.   Having experience in delivering work-at-home solutions to our clients for over a decade, Fusion CX has the flexibility and agility to its core to offer you a robust work-at-home solution in this changing time. We have 3000+ geographically dispersed agents in 8 countries across the globe handing voice, chat, email, and social media customer interactions for our clients.

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