Mobile-First Is the Right Strategy to Woo Hispanic Customers

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The Hispanic community is one of the major ethnic groups in the United States. The Hispanic consumers account for over 15% of the total adult population in the US. In fact, Hispanic Millennials are far more active consumers than their older generations. They are  17% of the total millennial crowd. Just like any other Millennials these Hispanic Millennials too are the right audience for mobile engagement and mobile advertising.

Studies also show that while the rate of cell phone ownership of a Hispanic and a non-Hispanic are likely to be the same, the Hispanics are far more likely to have a smartphone as their primary device to connect to the internet than a non-Hispanic one. As a result, the opportunity for customer engagement via mobile is far greater in the case of a Hispanic consumer than a non-Hispanic one.

According to Experian Marketing Services, 63% of Hispanic adults own a smartphone as compared to 60% of non-Hispanics. Earlier in 2012, the numbers were 52% and 51% respectively. Experian Marketing Services also reveal that 45% of Hispanic smartphone owners are mobile-dominant in the case of internet usage While only 38% of non-Hispanics. So, as a matter of fact, Hispanics smartphone owners are 17% more likely than non-Hispanics to access the Internet through their phone than through a computer.

The above statistics clearly show that in order to grab the Hispanic audience attention, one needs to opt for mobile-friendly marketing and customer service. In other words, a mobile-first approach will be the most useful tool for businesses trying to woo the Hispanic customer. If a business can design their campaigns, emails, websites and ecommerce initiatives to effectively engage a customer on a mobile device, they are far more likely to win over their Hispanic audience.

According to Experian, 37% of Hispanic adults admit using cell phones while watching television; whereas only 29% non-Hispanics admit to doing so. The study also reveals that, 50% of Hispanic smartphone owners use their phone while watching TV compared with just 42% people of other ethnicities. In the usage or smartphone during TV time, Hispanic Millennials standing at 61% beat Millennials of other ethnicities by 3%.

So, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that traditional advertising mediums like TV will not be an effective choice in launching marketing campaigns targeting Hispanic audience. If a business wants to win them over using minimum effort, knowing what specific mobile activities Hispanics are engaging can aid the marketers decide on the best mobile engagement strategy that includes telemarketing, email marketing, social media marketing and engagement through chat.

Besides, businesses can also take a mobile first approach in case of customer service. It will aid them to reach their customers via their preferred medium of communication – emails, chat, call, social media and a lot more. The multichannel customer service approach will surely work for the Hispanic consumers. A multilingual or Spanish multichannel call center can aid the businesses in their pursuit.

Therefore, whenever you target the Hispanic market that is known for their $1 trillion in purchasing power, think mobile-first. Whether it is a marketing campaign or customer service, a mobile first approach with both English and Spanish language customer support will help you become successful in the Hispanic market

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