3 Call Quality Monitoring Best Practices

3 Call Quality Monitoring Best Practices

Contact center agents shoulder the great responsibility of dealing with customer service issues on a regular basis. One of the best things that a contact center Manager can do is to monitor the quality of their interactions with customers, to ensure that Agents are providing the best service possible. However, some contact centers do not take a thorough approach to shaping the best practices. So how should managers monitor for effectively?

At Fusion CX, we have adopted a few tricks to optimize the value of call quality monitoring. Here have a look:

1. We take a comprehensive approach

To understand agent-customer communications, it is important to monitor all the calls recorded strictly, not just auditing a random sample. Analyzing a few randomly selected calls will scarcely provide any substantial data or offer an in-depth view of agents’ performance in customer service calls.

Our Managers gain a comprehensive view of the calls using a speech analytics system that records all calls and monitors call quality in real-time. It also helps Managers to train Agents better and develop strategies for better customer service.

2. We use the metrics but focus on our customers

To offer efficient customer service, in real time, companies have to analyze average call handling time. However, many contact centers place too much emphasis on this metric. They aim for a quick call resolution that will allow Agents to move forward to the next call. While an efficient customer service is appreciated, the agents should not skimp on call quality and customer service. They should take as long as it needs to explain the issue to the customer so that he or she does not have to call again or contact the company via a different channel with the same problem.

So, at Fusion CX, we think it is wise to monitor all calls to see whether in the calls with lower handle time are missing out on better customer service and whether the agents with higher AHT are making an effort to resolve an issue.

3. We make the agents part of the evaluation process

It is always better to invite operational suggestions about a particular job from the people doing that job. At Fusion CX, we ask agents to give feedback regarding practices that work well for them, concerns they have about customer service calls or suggestions for writing customer service call scripts, etc. We believe that they can help contact center managers gain a broad view of how calls can be better monitored for quality.

However, it is also important to communicate the company’s expectations to the agents beforehand. If the agents are aware of the AHT, call quality and efficiency expected from them, they will make sure to give their best shot with a clear focus on the company’s customer service priorities.

At Fusion CX, we always remember that we can deliver excellent customer service only when out agents and managers work together with the same goal in mind. And proper call monitoring, when done right, aids us to achieve that goal.

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