8 Customer Service Trends To Adapt Now To Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Customer Service Trends - Chatbots

In the present age, the quality of your customer service may become the deciding factor about the future of your business. Customers today have high expectations from brands, and most successful companies are trying hard to live up to the expectation, if not exceed it. Yet, 77% of customers are “fed up” with lousy customer service, and 91% of consumers only buy from brands they trust. So, if you are not providing quality customer service to your customers, you are going to lose customers and revenue.

Today customers have the power of information, expect more from a brand, want their expectations to be met in real-time, and are willing to spend more to get it. You can either meet their demands and make more money or decline and decay into obscurity. So, it is better to rise to the new challenges and go beyond with your customer service offerings to be at par with the modern trends.

What are the modern customer service trends you need to keep up with to deliver an exceptional customer service experience? Let’s take a look:

1. Omnichannel Support

While many companies today are offering multichannel support, providing a unified customer service experience across all channels is still out of bounds for them. Even if it is not possible for you to deliver a real omnichannel experience. Also, if you cannot be present across every channel, start with being present on the channels your customers use and focus on delivering a seamless experience on all channels. Teaming up with an experienced multichannel call center service provider can help you bridge the customer service gap and aim for better support.

2. Customer Success

While most businesses work on their customer service area, few help their customers to succeed. Customer success is a form of proactive customer service in which you address problems before they start and offer information involuntarily to add value to your customer’s life. Think about what you can do to enrich your customer’s experience and work on delivering it. With a call center partner with expertise in proactive customer service, it won’t be a hard thing to achieve. The best part is, your customers will appreciate the effort and stay loyal to you.

3. Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are the new buzzwords of customer service. The technology allows you to deal with basic customer service queries without a human operator. Artificial intelligence can also aid customer service agent to deliver prompt and efficient customer service by providing relevant information directly on their computer screen.

4. Real-Time Communication

Real-time communication via phone or live chat is a necessity of modern customer service. with a multichannel call center partner like Fusion CX, you can deliver real-time customer service and improve your CSat score.

5. Personalization

Customers today want highly-personalized customer service. A change in script and training can help your customer service agents deliver a far more personalized service to your customers.

6. Empowered Customer Service Agents

To deliver a personalized service to your customers, you need to give some authorities to your customer service agents. These authorities to decide when a customer deserves a refund, a discount, and even the authority to unfollow the script to build a personal rapport with your customers.

7. Self-Service Options

To help your customers find quick answers to their queries, you must create self-service options like a knowledgebase, blogs, and instructional videos that are readily available online. This way, your customers will be able to find information about basic queries and easy fixes from your Facebook or YouTube channel.

8. Data-Driven Support

You can gather a lot of personal data about each customer nowadays from customer surveys. The data can be processed and analyzed to find valuable customer insight and put them to work. The ideas received from customer satisfaction surveys can be used to change your products, policies, or service quality to make it more customer-friendly.

These are some of the customer service trends every business must follow to bring some tangible and long-lasting change in their customer experience metrics. Fusion CX, a multilingual multichannel call center service provider with an AI-driven chatbot facility, can offer you the support you need to deliver outstanding customer experience to your customers. To know how Fusion CX can help you fulfill your customer experience goals, contact Fusion CX today!

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