5 Ways To Improve Customer Service In The Era Of Mobiles

Customer Service In The Era Of Mobiles

Gone are the days when voice calls were the only mode of communication with a company, and customers had to wait a long time to speak to a customer service agent.  Today, we not only have numerous communication channels but also have the capability to initiate communications through such a wide variety of channels from a handheld device – a smartphone, or tablet.

Today 87% of customers actually use mobile devices to make purchases.  However, many businesses are yet to join the mobile customer service bandwagon. That is not only making their customers suffer but also is killing the business slowly. With most customers moving on to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, every customer-facing business should also be there to provide an excellent and easy-to-use mobile customer experience.

To provide your customers with a great customer experience through mobile, you need to understand what customers want. The millennials, the segment of customers with the highest purchasing power, value timely service through the channel of their choice. They also prefer self-service over waiting in the call queue. They are a tech-savvy generation who put much emphasis on ease-of-use and seamless experience.

Keeping these in mind, you should make necessary amends to your customer service strategies so that it can improve the customer experience for the mobile-savvy customers. Here’s how you can improve your customer service via mobile:

1. Offer Mobile-friendly self-service materials

Customers today prefer self-service over everything else. Being tech-savvy, they can easily resolve their issues through self-service.  Therefore, a company should offer ample self-service materials i.e. mobile-friendly FAQs, documentation and self-support videos to its mobile-savvy clients.

2. Display your customer service button prominently

Your mobile website or app landing page must have a customer service button in a place where everyone can find it. Having a prominent customer service button saves your customers from the hazard of searching for your customer service number through the tiny screen. It also saves your customers’ time and improves customer experience.

3. Provide an easy way to contact customer support from the mobile without leaving the page

If a customer has a query regarding one of your products while visiting your website or app via mobile, they should not have to leave the page to communicate with customer support. A prominent, but non-intrusive dial-for-support or live-chat-for-support button can be placed on the website or app allowing your customers to communicate with you without leaving the page. This way, they do not need to remember the product number or other details related to their query and can simply convey them to the customer service agent by looking at the screen.

4. Single-tap sensitive customer service links

Whether you have a mobile app or a mobile-friendly website, you should always prominently feather customer service links on them.  And that link should be single tap sensitive so that your customers can have access to your customer service department at the single tap of a link. Remember, in the mobile era, convenience and time matters above all else. Therefore, a single-tap sensitive customer service link can be an important step towards improving your customer experience.

5. A real-time tracking system for mobile-based customer service queries

Using a real-time tracking system for mobile-based customer service queries can be a useful tool to improve customer experience through outstanding customer service.  With the help of this, you can centralize every customer support requests and queries so that your agents do not have to log into multiple accounts to answer the questions. It is also possible to prioritize important questions to be answered first. This way, you can offer your customers great customer service experience and track agent productivity at one go.

These are some of the easiest ways to improve your customer service to adapt to the changing habits of your mobile-savvy customer base.

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