4 Steps To Encourage Customer Centricity While Outsourcing Your Customer Service

Customer Centricity

In the present age, customer centricity has become an essential part of the business. Companies can no longer ignore customer-centricity as just a buzzword. Today it is linked to long term monetary gains as well as increase brand value. Its effects are tangible and can be calculated over time.

Let us face the fact – it’s the customers that run the slow, make you profit, and pay salaries to your employees. In return, they want you to care for them, take care of their little needs, and provide them with service or products that will make their lives easier. That is what customer-centricity is all about. When your organization takes customer satisfaction in mind, it becomes a customer-centric organization.

However, things are easier said than done. When you have a small or midsized organization with a small customer service team, practicing customer-centricity can be a little tricky. On the contrary, if you outsource your customer service department, you may have doubts that your customer experience may not be as excellent.

It is, however, not true at all. If you find the right call center partner and communicate your expectations clearly along with taking a few crucial steps, there is no reason why a call center cannot deliver excellent customer experience to your esteemed customers.

Here are a few steps that can help your business remain customer-centric and deliver excellent customer experience while hiring a customer service outsourcing band.

1. Make Customer Satisfaction A Part Of Your Core Values

When you make customer satisfaction a part of your core values throughout your organization, you will sow the seed of customer-centricity. When customer satisfaction becomes a part of your business philosophy, it impacts the way you view customer issues and how your employees and call center partners view customer satisfaction. Put your customers first clearly and concisely, and everyone related to your business will get the memo.

2. Create Awareness About Customer Centricity

 According to Forrester’s Customer Experience Index 200 (CEI 200), companies with a customer-centric culture enjoy a higher valuation as compared to their competitors. Customers today keep coming back to companies that provide outstanding customer experience. Statistics also backs the observation. Here’s an example: the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. For new prospects, it’s just 5-20%.

Studies also show that dissatisfied customers can be disastrous to your business and may cause your business to run into losses, whereas a satisfied clientele is the best thing for your company as they grace you with repeat business and become your brand advocate.

Creating awareness about customer-centricity across the organization will help you deliver customer satisfaction at each touchpoint. You must make your employees and your call center partners believe in the impact of customer centricity on company performance. For that, you have to aggressively market customer centricity with training, orientation session, and posters. You must also ask your call center partner to do the same for your hired agents.

This way, those agents will be aware of your core business value i.e., customer satisfaction, and will keep that in mind while communicating with your customers.

3. Give Your Customer Service Team The Right Tool And Authority For The Job.

Just talking about customer centricity and customer satisfaction won’t make your customers feel satisfied. You will need to train your customer service team, provide them with the right tool for the job. Apart from that, you also need to empower your agents and give them the proper authority and confidence to make instant decisions for your customers. The same goes for your call center partner and their agents. When you provide them with the right tool and encouragement, they will be able to make the right decisions as and when required.

Also, make sure that your customer service agents have access to customer feedback so that they can know what the customers like and what they do not. It will help them improve their interactions with your customers.

4. Reward Exceptional Customer Service

When one or more of your customer service agents provide your customers with outstanding customer service, you must reward their effort with rewards. By linking incentives with customer satisfaction, you can boost customer satisfaction rates.

These are a few steps you need to take to get your call center partner to adapt to customer centricity. Of course, if you have a call center partner like Fusion CX that takes customer satisfaction and customer centricity seriously, you need not have to do much. Just an introduction of your core company values should be enough for us to work seamlessly with your inhouse customer service team and deliver the same level of customer satisfaction as them. Our multilingual and multichannel capabilities allow us to serve your customers where they are via the channel and language of their preference, which boosts their level of satisfaction.

For more information on how Fusion CX can help you maintain a customer-centric image while outsourcing your customer service, contact us today!

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