10 Reasons To Choose a US Based BPO Company for Customer Support Outsourcing

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For US based businesses looking for American answering solutions, or for overseas clients searching for customer support for their US customers, choosing a US-based BPO company, ready to represent your business, is the best bet! While many companies prefer to outsource to overseas BPO providers for cost-cutting, their customer service can experience downturn for not understanding US customers or their culture. Services provided by a BPO company in United States can give value for money by offering your business the local presence your customers enjoy and are aware of.

Call center outsourcing can become a nightmare when it goes in the wrong hands. On the contrary, the service quality is generally first-rate and smooth flowing if the outsourced call center services destination is a country like the United States of America, where the call center service industry is well established with years of experience and international standards of technological sophistication.

Here are 10 reasons why you should select a BPO company in United States for outsourcing:

  1. US based agents eliminate language barriers

    Language barriers can be detrimental for your business. When customers don’t understand the representatives supporting them, they can get annoyed. And when representatives fail to understand what the customer is saying, blotched communication may negatively impact upstream troubleshooting.    
    Although foreign-based outsourcing providers have agents who can speak English, pronunciation; accent; expressions and idioms are much easier to understand between two US English speakers.

    American BPO voice process agents speak your customers’ language, understand and put out messages correctly while offering voice or live chat support services.

  2. Leverage the power of local

    Local and hyper-local marketing and brand positioning has become the buzzword in 2020 and likely to rule in 2021 as well. If you are a US based firm, partnering up with a BPO company in United States then it is perfect for keeping up to today’s market demand and revealing the local side of your customers. When customers call or chat, they must feel like they are talking to someone from the neighborhood who knows everything about what is going on near them, whether it is a local trend or a crisis.

    Partner with a BPO voice process call center from the same country as yours!

  3. US based support eliminate cultural differences

    While a great product and service is mandatory for successful business, the importance of excellent customer service is still unbeatable. Understanding customer demands, spending patterns and buying behavior becomes way more easy and accurate when you understand customers’ culture. When the customer support outsourcing representative works and lives and in the same country as you, the cultural differences are negligible and that’s what makes an awesome backdrop for inbound call centers customer services and experiences such as small talks about a web series or chatting about today’s weather.

    A BPO company operating from the USA, like Fusion CX, has support agents who can empathize with your US customer-base culturally.    

  4. Less time-zone conflict with BPO services in US

    There are uncountable benefits of having a customer support outsourcing team who share the same time zone as yours. If something urgent needs to be conveyed or a process needs to be stopped immediately, it will be much easier to get in touch with your BPO partner and the team.   

  5. Alignment with holiday schedules

    It can be a challenge to schedule foreign agents for call center customer services around foreign holidays. What may be a busy and regular business day in the USA is a national holiday in another country. With a US based partner, all your holidays and festive moods will be aligned. 

  6. Paying with one currency and banking system

    Setting up and maintaining a bank account in a foreign currency is not just costly but transactions are also difficult between banks with different currency. Financial management is made simpler with outsourcing call center services in the USA itself because you can work with one currency and one banking account.

  7. Competitive, affordable prices

    This might sound like a more generalist reason to choose a BPO company in the US, but understand that your high value clients need first-class customer service. Undoubtedly, offshore contact centers are a cheaper alternative than a US based contact center service. But, when you calculate the cumulative expense of training and onsite coaching programs for outbound call center services, customer service and telemarketing, frequent travel nightmares and the cost of frequent data updates, it is no less than hiring a US BPO agency for outbound or inbound call center services.

  8. You will be away from legal mess

    Labor laws in the United States of America are transparent and clear. Collaborating with an overseas vendor for BPO services imply that you are hiring employees under their distinctive labor laws. Besides, there are so many compliances to meet with while operating in the USA. Your foreign call center partner might not be aware of such compliances or laws which increase the risk of penalties, especially if it is responsible for taking care of BPO non voice process in United States and back office services like account receivable management, accounting or payroll management services.  If an issue arises, it will be much easier to deal with when you have local associates.

  9. Increased efficiency with US based customer support

    After all of the cultural, lingual and time zone related obstacles are eliminated, a BPO company located in the United winds up being a lot quicker and more efficient than offshore customer support.

  10. Tighter data security  

    Domestic call centers are easier to control. The encrypted messaging applications for live chat support services, secure VPN and triple-layer protected workforce management solutions are just some of the examples of tighter data security measures taken by a contact center situated in the USA. You and your customers can feel confident about sharing and storing information.   

Why Select Fusion CX?

If you are a business based in the US or have an overseas, European or Asian brand; you want to better connect with US customers, hiring Fusion CX is a great way to do just that. As an US based BPO solution provider, we understand that communications are not just about solving a query or after-sales service, it is about creating engagement and making connections. To explore more about our US call center services, call us on +1 (866) 581-0038 now!   

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