Notice to All Applicants and Job Seekers of Fusion CX

It has been brought to our attention that recruitment scammers are exploiting the Fusion CX brand. Scammers have been creating false job postings on recruitment sites and sending unsolicited emails masquerading as Fusion CX employees.

Identifying Fraudulent Job Offers:

— Official Email Addresses:

All legitimate communication from Fusion CX will come from email addresses ending in “” only. Communications from other domains, including popular free email services like Gmail or Yahoo, should be considered suspicious.

— Quality of Communication:

Official emails from Fusion CX are well-composed without spelling errors or poor formatting. Be wary of any communication that needs to meet professional standards.

— Job Offer Protocol:

Fusion CX will always conduct a personal interview before making a job offer. Any offers received without an interview, especially for international positions, are likely fraudulent.

— Request for Personal Information:

Be cautious if you are asked to provide sensitive information such as passport or bank account information early in the application process.

— Messaging Platforms:

If you are asked for money via a messaging platform like WhatsApp, Telegram, or through any payment wallet sites, please block the contact and report to

— Financial Transactions:

Fusion CX does not ask for payment for the recruitment process. Any request for money under the guise of covering visa fees, taxes, or travel expenses is a scam.

—In-house Social Media and Marketing:

Fusion CX does not utilize brokers or marketing agencies to promote its social media channels or corporate website. Instead, our dedicated in-house marketing and social media team handles all aspects of our digital presence.

Identifying Fraudulent Job Offers:

— Verify Job Postings:

All job openings are posted on the official Fusion CX career website. Please cross-reference any job offer with our website to confirm its legitimacy.

— Interview Process:

Genuine offers from Fusion CX are preceded by detailed interviews. If you have not participated in such an interview, the job offer you received is invalid.

— Avoid Payments:

Do not send money or handle any transaction that claims to facilitate employment. Fusion CX will never ask for financial contributions from prospective employees.

— Protect Your Information:

Do not disclose personal or financial details in your initial job application or unsolicited emails.

— Reporting Suspicious Activities:

If you encounter or suspect a fraudulent job scheme pretending to be Fusion CX, please get in touch with us at immediately for necessary action.

— Fusion CX Commitment:

Our commitment to integrity and transparency ensures that your application and potential employment with us are handled with the utmost respect and professionalism. Beware of offers that deviate from our established procedures, as they do not represent our company’s values.

Stay vigilant and protect yourself from recruitment fraud. If in doubt, contact Fusion CX directly through official channels.

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