Fusion CX Wins The Most Impactful System Award by Global Workforce Management Forum

The Most Impactful System Award by Global Workforce Management Forum

Fusion CX is pleased to announce that its proprietary workforce management software has won the prestigious “The Most Impactful System Award” by the Global Workforce Management Forum (GWFM) for demonstrating maturity in adoption and design that creates value for the business. The award was presented at the GWFM International WFM Summit 2020 on June 27, 2020.

About GWFM

GWFM is a non-profit professional organization and Professional Global Chartered Body, composed of senior WFM and HR professionals. As the world’s first WFM Forum, GWFM is one of the fastest-growing professional forums. GWFM supports workforce development through education, training, research, and experience sharing. With 20,000 members from multinationals, public and private organizations, and top universities, GWFM has been enriched by learning from top industry leaders since 2014.

About GWFM International WFM Awards and Recognition

The Global WFM Chartered Body receives annual awards and recognition for Best WFM Practices & Tools. Top global WFM thought leaders and CIOs form the evaluation committee. GWFM honors the best works in the Best Practice in the WFM Category and the Best System/Tool in the WFM Category.

FEMS: Fusion CX’s Proprietary Workforce Management tool

Our proprietary workforce management software, known as FEMS or Fusion CX Employee Management System, is the one-stop solution for managing HRMS, employee management, and headcount reconciliation, quality control, productivity enhancements, reporting & analytics.

FEMS offers 38 active modules and a host of adaptable features to meet the needs of both our managers and employees. Some Key advantages of our proprietary WFM System are:

  • 70% reduction in the time-consuming processing of personal information and allied processes.
  • Empowering managers to view, modify team member details, customize, and generate reports.
  • Offering real-time performance feedback to the agents
  • Includes User activity, attrition rates, employees by department, and other essential reports.

Global Deployment

Our employee management system oversees over 6,000 employees across 16 centers in the USA, Canada, Jamaica, El Salvador, the UK, Albania, India, and the Philippines.

During the pandemic, we transitioned 90% of our workforce to a home-based setup. Our workforce management system was invaluable for tracking agent attendance, shift adherence, and employees’ mental well-being to prevent burnout. The tool also features employee engagement, surveys, a knowledge base, and important corporate communications.

The Most Impactful System Award for Fusion CX

Fusion CX won the GWFM award for Best System/Tool in the WFM Category this year. The award recognizes the most efficient workforce management tools for their adoption and design that add value to businesses.

Established in 2014, Fusion CX is a well-known brand in the global BPO industry, with 16 centers in 8 countries. We serve numerous clients across various industry verticals, including travel & hospitality, telecommunication, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, BFSI, and utility. We meet the evolving needs of our clients with dedication and excellence through our agile and flexible workforce management strategy. Our proprietary workforce management tool supports these strategies and accelerates our success.

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