Fusion CX BRIDGE 2019 : First Of Its Kind


BRIDGE – Building Ripples In a Diversified Global Environment.  

On 11th of May 2019 history was made in Fusion CX Cebu.  It was the very first time that all leaders from Subject Matter Experts to Team Leads to Account Managers and Supervisors, Department Heads, together with Fusion CX Philippines’ Country Head, Mr. Nagarajan “Raj” Anandaraman, gathered together in one forum, through a Leadership Summit called Fusion CX BRIDGE

The theme was all about Innovation and everyone did not disappoint.   It was well represented by 75 stakeholders from every Account in Fusion CX Cebu and all Department Heads.

The Program kicked off with an energetic Welcome Address from Raj who opened the ceremony with an in-depth discussion about innovation in the contact center industry.  It was then followed by our Head of Operations, Barbara Atillo-Alovera’s cascade on What’s Next for the Organization, 2018 Site-Wide Highlights, and the 3-Year Roadmap for Fusion CX Cebu. 

The next phase of the summit covered all the 2018 Achievements, 2019 Year-round plans and the What’s-In-It-For-Me (WIIFM) discussion from IT, HR, Corporate Training, Operations, Workforce, Quality, and Facilities/Infrastructure c/o each Department Head – Darwin Aloot, Ana Maria Pugoy, Ana Aviso, Barbara Atillo-Alovera, Mark Ferdinand Soller, Lyn Ybanez, and Michael Teves.

The most exciting, inspirational, and educational part of the day-long activity was the Executive Fireside Chat, which was graced by our very own Co-Founder / Chief Operations Officer, Sir Kishore Saraogi, and Sir Raj who not only shared their success stories, but also showed their fun side by giving life to some of the personal questions in lieu with Work-Life-Balance.

There was never a dull moment during the second half of the Program as all participants came ready with their root causes, creative ideas, suggestions, solutions, and recommendations.  They brainstormed in three (3) competitive groups, during the Break-out sessions, to help address 3 pain points in lieu with the following categories:

 1.  People

  • Retention
  • Engagement
  • Sourcing

2.  Processes & Procedures

  • Communication Channels
  • Reporting & Automation
  • Infrastructure & Technology

3.  Growth

  • Revenue
  • Organic growth
  • People-Process Perspective

It was an absolute proud moment to see all great minds think in unison to help eradicate major problems in the company.  The takeaways were truly abundant as the activity came to a close c/o Program Manager Deborah Jane “DJ” Labastida.  Everyone cannot wait for next year’s summit.

At the end of the day, all Management members, Delegates, and Leaders went home with smiles in their faces with the commitment to: “Transform Tomorrow Together.”

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