Fusion CX Opens New Center in Europe – Albania


Fusion CX is a leading name in the global outsourcing industry known for its quality of service, a variety of service offering, and a high growth rate. Recently we have added a new contact center in Tirana, Albania, South-Eastern Europe. With this new center, Fusion CX continues to increase its global footprint.

By adding highly-skilled and multilingual resources to its team Fusion CX aims to strengthen their position as a global leader in outsourcing services and comprehensively cater to the varied outsourcing needs of its clients worldwide.

Here’s how our Albania center can support you better:

Increased Language Support – Apart from English, employees speak a number of languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Greek.  Portuguese, Russian, and Dutch are the most common second languages in Albania. Therefore, we can provide an outsourcing service in a language your customers speak and understand, thus eliminating the communication gap.

Highly Tech-savvy Resources – Albanian labor force is highly educated and skilled, and such resources are definitely going to help Fusion CX to serve various outsourcing needs of its clients both in Europe and America.

Location Advantage – By securing good ranking on the ‘Doing Business’ rankings by the World Bank for three consecutive years, Albania has become one of the most sought after outsourcing destination in South-east Europe. Apart from being a perfect nearshore outsourcing destination for our European clients, the outsourcing industry of Albania boasts cheap but highly-skilled workforce, making it an ideal outsourcing destination for our clients across the globe.

To sum it up, our clients can now enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective, resource-rich, multilingual outsourcing destination in Europe that is more than capable of supporting all your outsourcing needs in over 9 languages.

We hope that our new center will not only help us expand our global footprint but will also help our clients reach their business goals with the same dedication and efficiency they have come to expect from the brand named Fusion CX.

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