T.E.A.M – “Together Each Achieves More”: The New Performance Booster

TEAM – Performance Booster

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” (Henry Ford)

This is the perfect quote to cherish the team building aspect in every contact centers. The contact centers generally spend their days interacting with the customers. Therefore, it is quite easy for them to feel isolated.

  • Can team-building activities help the contact centers?
  • Will the team building give a better share of experience to the customers?
  • Will the contact center rise to the challenge?

To answer all these questions a contact center manager is the best person. However, before that we have to know whether the mangers are willing to spend money on team building. If not, should they?

Yes, they should spend their money on team building.  It is essential to have at-home staff to make those people feel that they are essential part of the organization. You can effectively invest in your staff yet keep the cost down to a level.

The research on a global level has shown that employees engage more when they understand the company’s mission. They have the skills and the training that they need to succeed and give the desired feedback that the company expects to get from them.

In other words, team building can be described as the empty set of off-sites that will bring strong improvement in the contact center performance. Temkin Group (Customer Service and Research Company) is of the opinion that the contact centers teams must do the periodic hurdles, short meetings with the team prior to review the performance and the customer feedback data. In order to stress on the fact how they can improve the team.

These meetings should wish agents KUDOS! who performs well and let them share how they have performed. Incorporate the major team-building exercises in the contact centers and she believes in such activities to make a difference in the agent morale as well as foster a sense of collegiality among the contact center agents.

To make the T.E.A.M successful follow up these three tips:

Holding Contests

If a large financial institution was running a balance transfer campaign, they should have organized a team contest to deliver the most balance transfers. Go a step further to foster the services from the human angle. You can help the contest of organizing themes, like which team can decorate their office space the best like with the summer theme, winter theme, Halloween, Easter etc.

Agent Mentors

We at Fusion CX have strongly implemented this measure, to build up the team spirit and get the agents talk about the part of the job that leads them to trouble. If some of the agents have a problem with the call handling time, Fusion CX employs a mentor for them in order to provide them with adequate help. Tying an incentive will help the agents to improve the average handle time. The incentive does not mean that it has to be monetary, rather you can avail them with good gift vouchers or certificates of excellence.

Being the industry leader Fusion CX thinks that team element comes through peer mentoring. They use expert agents in their contact centers and foster the team building necessity.

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Connecting Business to Contact Centers

You can take the team to field trips in order to make them know about the business, and let the customers know vividly what is actually happening with their payments. Managers can foster in the mind of the agent that they are part of the business rather than just the contact center.

There are contact center, which deploys games to drive the individual and team behavior. Well, this system can actually help, but you have to make sure that they match up with the contact center goals and the desired behavior.

Just calling a customer and promoting new services is no longer going to keep the agents active. Get them into the feeling – that they are also a vivid part of the entire transaction, business and the contact center.

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