Contact Center Boost up the Employee Happiness Meter

Employee Happiness

Employees are the structural unit of a company and to get the maximum output from them, a company must take care of their happiness and well-being.

Do you think that the positive emotions influence the performance of your employees?

Are you optimistic to generate better results?

According to the research done by the positive psychology team, both the answers are “Yes”. The happiness of your employees is sure to influence their performance.

Martin Seligman and his team developed a branch of positive psychology that studies the effect of the positive emotions and the development of the virtue of the people. The areas they include are – happiness, creativity, optimism, humor, resilience and emotional intelligence.

We, at Fusion CX believe that the management of the contact center can be enriched by the use of this particular theory. The Positive Psychology team is of the opinion that when the job makes sense to the employees, it generates satisfaction and fulfillment. This is in contrast to the traditional working formula that linked to sacrifice by the employees. In contrary to this belief, studies also proved that positive psychology could be a great source of energy and comprehensiveness to maintain the continuity of “flow”.

Are you aware of the concept of “flow”? –  The concept of “flow “ was developed by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who explained the state in which the person gets completely absorbed in a kind of activity for his or her own pleasure and enjoyment during time files and the action, thought, movements and succeeds without any pause.

He also argues that the person who is in “flow” is completely absorbed by the activity, during which they loses the track of time and experiences a great satisfaction indeed. Actually, the concept goes like this – if we enjoy the work we do, we experience this kind of feeling.

How Contact Centers Apply This Concept In The Management?

Many contact centers, even Fusion CX apply this concept to enhance their employee performance rate. Contact center can apply this concept through three ways:

  • Communicating Clear Objectives
  • Immediate Feedbacks
  • Balancing the Individual Challenges to Skills

Communicating Clear Objectives

The employees will perform well enough, if they are aware of the expectation that their boss and company have from him or her. The key factor stresses on the personalized communication, which is similar to the style of each contributor.

Immediate Feedbacks

Keep time in your hand to give good feedback to your team. The invocation is able to promote learning and encourages the positive agents. Providing feedback does not mean that you will pointing out the errors, rather you need to emphasize on what went right and what was not considered as an opportunity to learn something.

Balancing the Individual Challenges to Skills

When the objectives are stored at a long distance and if you think of implementing them, then be sure to meet with conflicts. Employees’ experiences frustration at every level, and feels discontent like their supervisors. Many times this frustration is caused due to the negative feedback. Therefore, the contact center management needs to maintain a balance between collaborative and operational needs. Dialogue and the feedbacks are the two meters to report on the balance sought.

Therefore, look for the three options to implement in your contact center management and boost up your employee happiness meter.

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