Is Your Outsourcing Partner Meeting Out The Business Goals?

Business Goals

Possible features you see in a project during pre-launch:

  • The provider’s sales team has gone away
  • All the site visits have been conducted
  • The contract has been fastened

After having a smooth transition, now it is your time to put the offshore delivery and support to test how they can meet all your business demands. In this new outsourcing environment, how will you know that the objective of your business is achieved? Has your service provider managed the goals successfully?

When it comes to outsourcing, two things are most prominent – people and their skills. The delivery teams are given incentives to control the cost of the people. With the use of certain basic rules, these rules help to examine whether the objectives of the offshore team will align with your business goals or not.

Here are some of the criteria that bring success with the help of an offshore delivery team and their management. We adhere to these metrics at Fusion CX to allow our clients to have a better share of profits.

ROI (Return on Investment)

It is not just the sales and the account team who are given the objective to achieve the big ROI –  this is also a responsibility of the delivery team. You have large goals to achieve. Efficiency and lower cost are the objectives that your offshore partner has to achieve for you. At Fusion CX, we look into the cost and quality of our service so that clients get better solutions.

Gross Limits

This is the second objective that has an impact on the team behavior and controls the resourcing decisions for platforms like – onshore vs. offshore, dedicated vs. uncommitted, in scope vs. out of scope. It comes to play when you have limited contractual opportunities, and the additional revenue will be billed.

ROI Earned Per Hour Worked

ROI earned per hour of work is such a metric that is put to use by the outsourcing channels to control the scope given to their team. So, that they can deploy shadow resources in business process or draw the basic support from the various Centers of Excellence. Unless the contact center is contractually bound to maintain a percentage of shadow resources.

The contact center team is given incentives just to get the minimum need to make sure that they do not lose billing through unexpected expenses.

Utilization on the Bills

This is related to ROI generated per hour of work, and maintain the proactive nature of the delivery team during  – hiring, training, having a bunch of resources which can be later put to use to fight back issues of attrition or to have an expansion. Fusion CX makes the effective use of the bills to meet your goals and provide the service at an affordable rate.

Cost Per Hour

It is calculated on behalf of the entire contact center team who is involved in the process. If it is lower, it becomes easier for the team to achieve their goals.

Number and Type of Team Members

It is obvious that the delivery teams must have a specified number of members. These metrics run contrary to the pre-outsourcing. Previously, people with many years of experience carried out the transaction and now they are replaced by the resources. At Fusion CX, we avoid the conflicting client objectives and maintain a smooth transition by standardizing the process to minimize the need for the experts.

Satisfying the Clients

One of the main objectives on which Fusion CX focuses a lot. Yes, we are talking about “client satisfaction”. This objective is in the perfect accord with clients’ goals. It is something like the tightrope, on which our delivery teams balance themselves. We have automated systems to gather reports on client satisfaction data. This forms the key element to ensure growth of the business and a way to demonstrate the specific vertical.

If your business has made a shift from the pre-outsourcing to an offshore environment, then you have to recognize the ways to have suitable changes that actually takes place behind the scenes but managing the relationship is due to the outcomes.

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