Fusion CX Brings Win-Win Quality Assurance with 5 Basic Strategies

Quality Assurance

Over the year, Fusion CX has come across achievements that have made them the leading outsourcing company across the global destination. When we look back at the stellar contact center performance in 2012, we find that quality assurance of our contact center has brought unexpected result.

Various contact centers conducted surveys, which shows, 28% call centers do not have a formal Quality Assurance Program. However, we think that this very program has enabled Fusion CX to get the extra advantage over call centers and earn the fame.

Fusion CX has installed the performance dashboards to provide real-time views of quality that include elements like average call handling time, ratings on customer satisfaction, FCR (first-call resolution), call schedule adherence, etc.


Fusion CX is working on the QA Program for a long time and has met up with many certifications. The chart below that shows percentage of performance that Fusion CX attained through various quality monitoring tools:

Here, we are going to share 5 basic strategies on Quality Assurance, which we have set besides implementing the quality monitoring tools:

  1. Quality Improvement Practices Is Must: Research shows that service level goals, call-handling goals, call control processes all must evolve within the context of quality improvement practices.Why? Since, it might backfire, leading to customer dissatisfaction and costs will rise over.
  2. Handling Service Level Intelligently: One needs to set the service level intelligently to make sure that they do not become obstructions to quality problems. This does not imply that you have to sacrifice the service level, but it should have the perspective that leads to quality. Since, agents motivated by the call handling rush to end a call without information. It might increase the cost of calling back or contacting the contact center via different communication channel.
  3. Need of Systematic Approach: Some of the call center metrics meet the service levels, but they alone cannot give the right picture of customer satisfaction. There are organizations that capture the voice of the customer in an ad-hoc fashion over different communication channels. Thus, without a systematic approach, organizations could be unaware of the events occurring in the markets.
  4. Customer Preference: One needs to set the standard for the contact center development by changing their insight according to the customer preference. At Fusion CX, customer preference is highly valuable.
  5. Call Center Agents A Part Of Self-Evaluation: The performance metrics are clearly defined at Fusion CX, and we ask our employees to take up self-assessment exam from time to time. As this is the most powerful building blocks to quality improvement.

Contact centers often ignore the need for quality management. Thus, they often find themselves spending on costly quality monitoring tools, experiencing disappointment in terms of little or no benefit.

Quality monitoring at Fusion CX focuses on compliance-related activities. We use the quality monitoring tools and implement them intelligently with strategic goals. We have found that not limiting quality monitoring to a checklist of measures analyzed without context, it is better to find a process that aligns metrics.

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