Call Scripts Must Not Make Agents Dumb

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Live answering service call centers usually have a team of talented copywriters who design a call controlling script for the agents at the centers to follow. Agents are trained to follow the script so that they do not make mistakes and do not forget instructing or telling customers about something that they must know. However, when agents are naturally conversing with customers having the call controlling script just as a guide, they deliver better customer satisfaction levels.

Often agents at a telephone answering service may seem to be very dumb as these agents seem to read directly from the scripts without actually caring about and understanding what the customers have to say. Just merely reading from scripts will make live answering service agents sound highly mechanical and like complete idiots. The customers might not be interested in paying attention to what these ‘robots’ have to say.

The agents that the customers are speaking o are expected to have high levels of intelligence, common sense, and even traits of human emotion. Over scripting is not a good thing in telephone answering service call centers; often agents forget that the script is just a guide and they follow it word for word. The agents are trained to render a personal touch to the conversations so that the customers may be interested in talking to them without hanging up. It is better if the agents take the name of the customers and refer to them while talking.

If customers would want to hear robots, they would not have opted to talk to live agents, so agents must behave like real persons.

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