Call center outsourcing in the post recession scenario

It is true that the call center outsourcing business particularly offshore outsourcing experienced a major setback during the market recession. To be truer, the Indian and the Philippines call centers were besieged by the Obama government’s decision to restrict outsourcing of business processes to the offshore lands half way across the globes.
But the US based business houses didn’t take much time to realize that such a government decision can have grave implications on the businesses as well as on the overall US economy. The rationale behind such a decision was to stop the migration of the job opportunities from the US to the less developed nations of the Asian continent.
Although the government’s decision to evade taxes to give a boost to the development of the domestic call center businesses also did not help much. The argument was such that the US call center companies can never be as economic as the offshore call center service providers. This is because of the labor charges in these two parts of the world are beyond comparison. The less employment opportunities and the resultant abundance of labor supply has reduced the labor rates in the third world nations to such an extent that the weekly labor charges of the US agents are often higher than the monthly charges of the Indian or the Filipino agents. The good point is that the cost of labor does not have any negative impact whatsoever on the productivity.
Now that recession has lost its old sting, outsourcing to the far away lands have become a lucrative (that it was always) and popular business strategy all over again.

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