BPO Call Center Companies Can Be The Best Aid For The E-Commerce Industry This Holiday Season

E-Commerce Industry This Holiday Season

Today’s e-commerce industry is struggling to meet the ever-changing needs and service expectations of the customers, especially during the holidays. Hiring one of the top-notch BPO call center companies is the only way an e-commerce company can provide the customers with excellent customer service and deliver the best experience throughout a customer’s journey during and beyond the holidays.

Holiday season has always been the busiest season for the E-commerce industry. But with the E-commerce sale expected to exceed $4.2 trillion by the end of 2020, the pressure on the e-commerce industry is going to be enormous. With people not being able to physically visit a store due to the fear of getting infected with Covid-19, more and more people are opting for online shopping, boosting the sales of the e-commerce industry like never before. 

However, the increased footfall on e-commerce sites does not come without its challenges. As more customers are visiting an e-commerce site, the number of customer inquiries about a product prior-purchase has also increased. Answering these queries on time can make or break a deal.

Similarly, the order tracking queries will also increase along with the number of return and refund requests. The complaints too will take an upward turn. To handle all the queries, requests and complaints efficiently during the busiest season of the year, businesses will need the assistance of e-commerce call center companies who can expertly handle all these and provide their customers with excellent customer service.

Some of the key call center services that e-commerce businesses will need this holiday season:

Answering Service – People who are used to shopping at the brick and mortar stores generally get ample assistance from the store executives while choosing a product. These store executives answer their queries and offer them all kinds of assistance. While shopping online, these people often feel the need for someone to resolve their queries and provide them with the assistance they need. Therefore, they call the brand with their queries, and upon successful query resolution, they make their purchasing decisions. 

An e-commerce site needs a 24/7 answering service to help these customers, especially during the holiday season. With a multichannel call center partner, you can easily handle these queries on time through live chat service and voice support.

Customer Service – An increased sales volume for e-commerce business leads to an increased requirement to provide the customers with high-quality customer service. With a multichannel outsourcing partner, customer service for e-commerce becomes easier and more efficient, catering to all the customers via their preferred communication channels.

Order Tracking – With the logistics disrupted by the pandemic, it is only natural that customers this season will be worried that their purchases won’t reach them on time. Therefore, they will contact the ecommerce via their preferred communication channel to inquire about their orders’ status. It will generate an increased number of customer interaction that needs to be addressed promptly.

Return and Refund Requests – E-commerce businesses will see an increased number of return and refund requests this holiday season. These requests need to be addressed properly and promptly to deliver a good customer experience. Doing so, the ecommerce brand will have a chance to turn negative customer experience into a positive once. BPO call center companies with vast experience working with e-commerce clients can deliver a better result.

Complaint Handling – with the unprecedented order volume, mishaps and mistakes are bound to take place, paving the path for customer complaints. These complaints need to be properly sand promptly addressed and resolved to boost customer experience.

These are the primary services an e-commerce business needs during this holiday season and beyond to support the increased customer base rightly. A multichannel, multilingual call center with prior experience in dealing with e-commerce clients can help e-commerce brands ace the holiday season challenges amid this pandemic.

Having vast experience as a call center outsourcing partner for some of the leading e-commerce brands, Fusion CX knows the challenges an e-commerce brand is facing today and the solutions they need. To know more about how Fusion CX can help your e-commerce brand during the holiday season and beyond, contact us today.

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