8 Perks Of Having A Call Center Outsourcing Partner For Your E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce Business

Today online shopping has given the e-commerce industry the desired boost by bringing everything at the fingertips of all users. However, managing an online portal is not easy; you need to provide your users with adequate customer support, assistance for return and refund, technical issues, and other customer concerns. Having a large in-house team to address such matters can be very costly, affecting your revenue and profit. For this reason, e-commerce businesses from around the world are opting for a call center outsourcing partner who will take care of all their customer interactions and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Outsourcing saves your time, is cost-effective, and can boost business productivity as well. There are many perks to enjoy as an e-commerce business owner by outsourcing some non-core business tasks to a call center outsourcing partner. These include:

Real-Time Response

Customers today do not want to wait for an answer. They want an instant response to their queries.

Call center outsourcing partners can play a significant role in providing a real-time response to your customers. They can integrate with your business to deliver seamless customer service.

Reduced TAT

Your customers, generally get in touch with your customer support only when they have some issues and require a resolution. The average Turn Around Time (TAT) to resolve such issues is 24 hours. But in this age of real-time communication, no customer wants to wait for that long. On the other hand, thanks to the modern call center, the TAT can come down to just 4 hours or less depending on channel and availability of a solution. Efficient call center agents are capable of delivering a first contact resolution.

24X7 Availability

An e-commerce business runs round the clock, and people from different time zones can do business with it. Therefore, an e-commerce company needs to be available for answering customer queries and handling customer issues on a 24X7 basis.  

Flexibility To Handle A High Volume Of Interactions

The sale volume of any e-commerce company spikes during shopping festivals, holidays, and other festivities. As the revenue goes up, the call volume to your call center also increases. Your customers call you to resolve their queries, report their issues, ask for return and refund, and much more. Therefore, during the peak season, it is crucial to have more hands-on deck.

An outsourcing partner can handle this situation very well. An experienced e-commerce call center like Fusion CX has the resources to quickly scale up the agent volume whenever needed and scale it down as the peak season comes to an end. It results in a prompter, much better customer assistance even during the peak season. It also boosts the customer satisfaction level of your customers, turning them into brand loyalists.

Saves Time to Focus on In-house Operations

Call center outsourcing not only saves time but also helps you limit capital expenses. With a call center partner, you no longer have to hire and train agents in-house. As a result, you save time and cost on employee attrition, service management, and infrastructure maintenance. Apart from this, outsourcing frees up your in-house team of experts to focus on other core objectives.

Customer-Friendly Services

The key to the success of an e-commerce business lies in its user-friendly services. Outsourcing allows you to deliver those services more effectively, keeping customer convenience in mind. As a result, the customer-business relationship will also improve.

Outsourcing call center services, you can provide efficient 24X7 customer support and even ensure an improved customer experience.

Multichannel Benefits

Gone are the days when companies only had one interaction channel – the telephone. Today we have a vast number of customer interaction channels, including – email, chat, text, social media, IVR, and much more. An experienced multichannel call center will allow you to interact with your customers via their channel of choice and even provide your customers with a seamless experience.

Multilingual Advantages

When you are an e-commerce company doing business worldwide, chances are you will have a good number of customers whose native language isn’t English. These customers will not be able to present their queries or issues to you in English comfortably. However, they will be comfortable interacting with you in their native language. Therefore, you need to have a multilingual call center partner like Fusion CX that supports the main languages your customer base speaks. It will allow you to serve your customers better and can even help you up the customer satisfaction score.

These are some of the perks of outsourcing some of your non-core customer interaction services to an experienced multichannel and multilingual customer service call center that specializes in the e-commerce domain.

Having years of experience in delivering excellent customer service for our e-commerce clients via multiple channels and in various American, European, and Asian languages, Fusion CX can be your ideal call center partner. To know more about our various service offerings, contact us today.

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