7 Tips To Promote Your Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

With customer experience being one of the most critical differentiators in modern business, more and more organizations are paying more attention to improving customer experience and customer satisfaction. Businesses today depend on customer feedback to measure customer satisfaction. For that, running a customer satisfaction survey has become very important.

A customer satisfaction survey is an important metric that helps companies and employees measure their customers’ satisfaction levels. It is a questionnaire that asks customers about their experience. In such a survey, a customer can convey his or her opinion by providing a rating, answering the questions, selecting an option, or giving vocal feedback.

Why Does a Customer Satisfaction Survey Matter?

Customer satisfaction surveys can be used to measure how customers feel about different subjects, such as:

  • The quality of service
  • The service speed
  • If the customers’ expectations were met
  • If the customers’ issues were resolved
  • The behavior of the agent
  • Whether they want to recommend the company
  • Any additional comments or feedback

The customer satisfaction survey helps customer service agents see how they can improve their call center customer service. It allows supervisors to see whether proper training and resources are available to agents. It helps the management identify the need for any changes in policy, product, or system to improve the customer experience. In other words, the customer satisfaction survey helps a company deliver a better customer experience in the future, and is a great tool to increase customer loyalty and brand engagement.

A customer satisfaction survey cannot be successfully done without customer feedback. For this reason, customer service agents must encourage customers to participate in the customer satisfaction survey. But how to naturally fit this survey request into a conversation with your customers? Here are a few tips:

1. Win the Customer Over with Quality Service

Most customers are likely to provide their opinions without any encouragement in the event of an excellent service experience or a horrible service experience. Of course, you do not want a lousy service experience to be a practice. So, you must encourage your customer service agents to provide each customer with a quality customer service experience.

How can you deliver an excellent customer service experience? You can do it by being a good listener, personalizing your service, having a friendly attitude, practicing honesty, and delivering prompt and effective service. If you can provide quality customer service to your customers, they will be pleased to take part in your survey.

2. Timing Is Important

Knowing when to promote your customer satisfaction survey is crucial to knowing how to promote it. Do not rush in too early to promote the survey. When their issue is being resolved or they are telling you something important, your customers will not want to take part in the CSat survey. Wait until the issue is resolved and the customer’s queries are answered to promote the survey.

However, don’t wait until the end of the conversation to approach the customer, as the customer will be in a hurry to get off the call. Talk about the survey immediately after asking them whether they need any further assistance is the best time to ask the customer about the survey.

3. Be Gentle

When it comes to promoting the survey, requesting gently is the key. Your customers do not like to be pushed. If you are pushy while promoting your survey, the customers may not take it well, and it might reflect in the survey.

On the other hand, requesting them gently can make them feel empowered and valued. As a result, they are more likely to take part in your customer satisfaction survey.

4. Personalize

The customers make a human connection with your customer service agents. So, the agent has the power to persuade the customers to partake in the survey by adding a personal element and making a personal request.

When you make it personal, your customer is more likely to remember that their feedback can impact actual people, and may be more interested in taking the customer satisfaction survey.

5. Give a Realistic Time Estimate

Give your customers a realistic time estimate of the survey. Design your survey to be short and make sure it gets finished by the time estimate your agents gave to the customers. This will show that you appreciate your customer’s feedback and value their time.

6. Tell Customers Why the Survey Matters

You can motivate the customer to take part in the survey and provide their feedback by making them see the bigger picture. When you convey to them how their survey can be used to improve the service, product, or policy, they will be able to understand how their feedbacks will bring real, tangible changes. It will make them feel empowered, and they will be more likely to take part in a customer satisfaction survey.

7. Thank Your Customers for Participating in your Customer Satisfaction Survey

After you promote your customer satisfaction survey, do not forget to thank your customers. Many studies show that when you say thank you, customers are more likely to help you in the future. When you make customers feel good by thanking them, they are more likely to provide their feedback in the future.

By using these best practices, you can effectively promote your customer satisfaction survey and engage your customers in greater communication. Fusion CX can help you not only deliver an excellent customer service experience but also promote and execute the customer satisfaction survey.

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