7 Tips to Become an Efficient Sales Representative in 7 Days

Become an Efficient Sales Representative

At Fusion CX, we have armed our business with trained sales representatives for different telemarketing campaigns. Our sales reps are savvy enough to handle both inbound and outbound process.

In spite of sales being a rewarding and challenging job, we achieved higher goals with our team members. Often clients and market influencers asks us how we have achieved this parity in our business transactions? We say we follow the “seven principles learnt in seven days.”

What Do Sales Reps Represents?

A sales representative needs some special skills to crack a deal. He or she has to sell the service or the product, not by pushing rather growing interest among the buyers. In most cases, you come to know that the salaries of sales people are poor. Since, companies reward them with high commissions based on work productivity.

For which, the products are little expensive. However, these sales commissions serve as the incentive for the sales people to work harder.

Fusion CX knows how hard it is to find effective sales representatives. However, experts must know that you do not need to find reps rather you need to train them. Fusion CX trains their sales team at regular intervals to achieve a ‘BINGO’ in marketing campaigns.

Let Fusion CX share seven tips to train sales representative effectively, just in 7 days.

Day 1: Be Positive

In the first day, trainers must impart the idea to be positive in attitude.

Have the right frame of mind, a big point that a sales reps must possess. There are sale reps who get discouraged as soon as a customer refuses or drops down the cold calls. They take up sales process as difficult. You need to overcome pessimism and turn positive to become a great sales rep.

For further reference check out this link: A Positive Learning Attitude, Boosts Your Skills and Performance

Day 2: Be Sociable

As soon as sales reps grows positive attitude, trainer must proceed onto the next lesson, to become sociable and friendly.

To be amiable and friendly is the greatest quality that sales reps of today must possess. Being sociable will help the sales people to be open and upbeat so that they can manage any kind of marketing campaign.

Day 3: Be Proactive

The trainers must turn their members open and proactive on the third day, as soon as reps learnt their lesson of friendly interactions.

Sales reps should be people oriented. The sales person must grow the ability to foster a personal approach in every call. One should make calls in a manner so that the customers take him or her as a problems solvers and shares their interest and disinterest on the particular product/service they are going to buy.

Browse this article from CallCenterHelper to see: How Can Contact Centers become Proactive

Day 4: Be Honest

On day four, trainers must ask their trainee reps to be honest and maintain the integrity. Why do they need it?

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of maintaining long-term customer relationship. Sales are always about building good relationship, solely based on trust. If you look at the market, trust cannot even grow without honesty and integrity. Therefore, both go hand-in-hand.

Day 5: Restore Patience

Biggest lesson a trainer has to impart on the fifth day is to be patient.

It is possible that the customer will not entertain the telemarketing calls. There are several ways of refusal. At times, agent might lose patience while convincing an irate or a prospective customer. However, sales reps must be patient and should take time to build a relationship with every customer (both irate and interested).

Day 6: Be Knowledgeable About the Sales Process

Trainer must impart details on the products/services the reps are going to sell in a different set of marketing campaigns on the sixth day.

Sales reps should have deep knowledge on the sales process and skills in order to become a qualified sales representative. The reps must identify the prospects, know the protocols of the sales process and find legal ways to shorten them for the convenience of the customers. Sales reps must be familiar with the benefits of the products/services that he sells.

Day 7: Know Your Customers

The last and the absolute lesson a trainer must teach their representatives in the last day is to know their customers from scratches.

Knowing the customers from scratches helps to build an effective relationship. Next, representatives need to follow-up. Yes, even after closing the deals one has to provide quality service to the customers by actively assisting then with after-sales support.

Fusion CX shared the popular seven training tactics to help call center experts in training their sales representatives effectively. To have future prospects in sales process, and to establish long-term customer relationship impart these 7 principles to your sales reps today!!!

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