6 Things to Keep In Mind before Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

Are you looking for a Virtual Assistant?  As you start getting busier, you require some help in putting your things in order. In such a case a virtual assistant will be the best aid at your disposal. A virtual assistant can be more than a pair of hands to get your to-do list done – they will be an extension of you and your business, ensuring better results.

But when you are hiring a virtual assistant service for the first time, you need to create a handy virtual assistant checklist that will help you find the right virtual assistant for your needs.

So, what should be in your hiring first virtual assistant checklist? Let’s find out:

Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant Checklist

1. Create a list of tasks you would like your virtual assistant to perform

Listing the tasks you want your virtual assistant to perform helps you create a job description for your own reference. On the other hand, it also allows your new virtual assistant to know what is expected of him or her. Noting down tasks that are taking up your time and would be better for someone else to do is the best way to begin your checklist.

For example, are you spending time posting blogs and doing its social promotion? Do you want your virtual assistant to take care of the incoming call? Jot them down on the list and soon you will find a comprehensive to-do list for your future virtual assistant.

2. Consider language requirements: written and spoken

We all know that communication, both spoken and written are crucial to any business. Do you expect your virtual assistant to write or proofread letters on your behalf? Do you want them to communicate with your clients? Are they required or expected to know another language or languages other than English?

3. Do you want your virtual assistant to work in the same time zone as yours?

Depending on your job requirements, do you want your virtual assistant to be available when you’re awake? Are you open to the idea that they may be from a different time zone than yours? If you’re looking for a full-time virtual assistant service, how many hours do you consider full-time? And while you are at it, please also decide on working hours.

4. What software skills must they have to do your work?

Do you need jobs to be done using a specific software? Do virtual assistants need to possess a set of must-have skills before they meet the requirements to apply? For example, are they required to use Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, or Photoshop to perform their tasks? Is there any particular software knowledge required?

5. Do they meet the needs for completing a trial task?

Setup a trial task from one of the tasks you have listed in your job description and get your virtual assistant to do this. It will either help you make sure that you are getting the right person to do the job or make you see why a particular candidate is not up to the mark.

6. Increase the reach of your virtual assistant hire search

You can find virtual assistant services through a simple search online. A number of companies offer such services. Posting it on your website and spreading the news in online communities can also help you find the ideal virtual assistant. However please be sure to mention your budget and the skills you require to get better results.

At Fusion CX, we have state-of-the-art virtual assistant services that help small and medium business owners and individuals find their ideal virtual assistants. Our low-cost virtual assistant services support multiple languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin. We also believe in delivering nothing but the best results on time.

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