5 Ways to Launch a Successful Infomercial


At Fusion CX, we have been providing our customers with Infomercial services via O’Currance (a Fusion CX Group of company leveraging direct response telesales service). Infomercial is a cost effective and result-oriented service that increases sales and brand awareness for our clients.

We handle the calls of client’s infomercial campaigns. However, how to drive more calls to contact centers through the infomercials? What should an infomercial contain to make it more attractive and eye-catching for the customers?

Here are a few tricks from the tips bag of Fusion CX:

Before we start narrating the tips, make sure that your infomercial has these three P’s of success:

  • Purpose
  • Product and
  • Presentation

As the title suggests, you need to concentrate on five steps to design out a successful infomercial campaign.

1. The Infomercial Should Generate a Pulse in Crowd

Make sure that the infomercial should make the target customers talk about your product – may be for better or for worse. It should not be provocative but should set a pulse among the crowd so that they pick up the phone to order the product. Just remember one thing that is very important in direct selling, particularly infomercials – the product must look unique so that customers to stop and watch it.

If your infomercial is able to set a vibe in the crowd, more number of calls will deviate to the customer service centers. Call centers in turn will work to nurture leads with care and will nourish them to generate better profits.

2. Start Assessing the Success Rates of Your Competitor

Any time of the day, you will find there are ample of infomercials who are selling exercise tools. There is a reason for that – some of the exercise products are going to perform better than other. Skin care products, weight loss pills, exercise tools, kitchen appliances ranks among the top-selling infomercial. Electrical appliances and jewellery generally bagged from those home shopping networks, as those products involve a different sales approach. Among the 60 infomercial shown every day, 10 of them are on exercise tools. Therefore, it is important to analyze the success rates of your competitor (what factors in infomercials brought them success) and add a tinge of difference in your infomercial to make it more appealing than competitor.

3. Presentations and Demonstrations Should Be Powerful

Something amazing, which your competitor does not offer it is the thing, which should occupy the large part of your demonstrations. Something unique in your product will always excite the viewers, and they will be eager to visit the pro shop and try it out themselves. Infomercials are very important from that perspective. Utilize the duration lengths of infomercial – one minute, two minutes, and 28 minutes in order to demonstrate your product in best possible way and generate more calls. Pick the right infomercial length for your product.

4. Celeb Faces Are the Cracking Code for Infomercial

We get calls at Fusion CX from customers who affirm that the product, which they saw on TV, demonstrated by some popular faces. What might be the reason for it? It is the Celeb face, which has actually fascinated them to give a try to the product. Use of some popular face boosts sales. These techniques are helpful if your product lacks the demonstrable technology or may be the ‘wow factor.’

5. Careful Use of a Retailer

New York Times reported that 95% of the current sales are originating from the brick-and-mortar store. Many of the entrepreneurs look for occupying the space on big box retail chain. That is quite competitive.  So choose the national retailers to position your infomercial. Better, launch your infomercial in the hometown headquarters of some retail chain, so it becomes easy for the customer to track down the product and the company as well in a less time.

Just these five basic steps will help you to design a successful infomercial campaign. If your infomercial campaign is attractive, more number of the calls will deviate at the call centers. In turn, the trained call center agents will work on your behalf and nurture the prospective leads further to generate profitable sales of long run.

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