3 B2B Telemarketing Aspects That Hits Potential Leads Bang On Target

B2B Telemarketing

B2B telemarketing is one of the toughest methods that we carry in our call centers. Our marketing team does all the hard work to nurture a lead successfully and turn it into a potential prospect. Fusion CX is a telemarketing expert, and their agents nurture quality leads for every project they handle. However, it was not the same all the time.

In the beginning of our marketing campaigns even after attending 900 calls, we hardly used to gain 10 to 15 leads. Agents do feel disappointed, and our marketing team went about finding the flaws in the process.

So, what we did to correct our lead generation process? We made our agent receive both formal and informal training. We organized three basic rules for handling the telemarketing calls effectively. Believe us we saw an 839% improvement in our leads, as our agents started to meet 8 leads after 550 calls.

What were the three tactics that brought Fusion CX such a vast change in their telemarketing approach?

  1. Being Human
  2. Building A Relationship
  3. Be Knowledgeable

Yes, the three blanket statements, which were once hard to apply, are now our strength. We have learned in the due course that translation must start with the person who makes the call, because warming up of leads start with one-on-one telephonic conversation.

Being Human

Customers like to buy thing from people and not from the companies. When our agents began selling product and service for a company, the agent’s convincing power takes the customer into confidence.

An agent helps to make the customer rely on the products. For that, they make sure that they concentrate on each call, focus on the decision makers, etc. We know that telemarketing is a highly stressful process, but we can prevent the errors just assigning proper energy to each call.

Along with the focus, one needs to start fresh with every call. Agents should sound as if they are attending the call for the first time. The flaw and the mistakes of the previous call need to be left behind and one must start afresh to qualify the next sales lead.

To optimize the approach of the call, at Fusion CX we follow some rules:

  • We take notes on the call and call style
  • Assess the call quality and get feedback from the mentors and the managers
  • Accelerates constructive criticism

Building a Relationship

According to Marketing Powers, the conversation is between two humans in a telemarketing process, we have to focus on the universal lead definition. One of the most important aspects of universal lead definition is to ask open-ended questions. This initiates less questioning and better flow during the conversation. Even a decision maker gets a chance to provide complete information about the company’s issues and solutions.

We come across another aspect called the 80/20 rule, which helps us to listen 80% and talk 20% in a particular call. This not only gives our agents the time to configure notes but also provides them with adequate information.

Be Knowledgeable

Good habits help to make the call better. This includes abilities like building a good relationship with our customers, starting every call fresh, never get out of focus from the goal of the call. We avoid using those practices that are crutch like – scheduling the call back time or sending an email or keeping the customers on hold for a longer time.

Another way we make our agents knowledgeable is making them familiar with the product and service. Fusion CX makes their agent aware of the company’s value proposition to show the benefits, which a customer can gain.

Whatever tactics you might be using in the call center to make the telemarketing campaigns 100% successful, you cannot ignore the most essential aspect – you have to keep the process simple. Since, clarity always trumps persuasion.

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