Jyotendra Thokchom

Co-Founder and CEO of Omind Inc. (A Fusion CX Company)

Jyotendra Thokchom a.k.a. “JT” is a dynamic global growth leader with over 26 years of expertise in Technology, Digital Transformation, and Customer Experience. He has a proven track record of scaling technology companies to $100M+ and has played a crucial role in establishing business centres worldwide. Starting his career in the contact centre and customer experience industry, he rapidly advanced through roles globally in BPM and Technology.

JT’s career includes strategic positions in Growth, Strategy, and Operations across diverse markets, including India, ANZ, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and LATAM. His extensive experience encompasses Consulting, Sales and Marketing, and Client Relationship Management.

As the co-founder and CEO of Omind ( Fusion CX subsidiary) an innovative AI SaaS company, Jyotendra Thokchom focuses on developing next-generation products that revolutionize business operations. His mission is to solve clients' business challenges, drive sustainable growth, and scale Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). He is committed to building a high-performance culture and empowering his team to achieve exceptional results. By leveraging market opportunities and strategic partnerships, Jyotendra accelerates growth and enhances shareholder value. His book, "The Sales Mindset," reflects his passion for technology and innovation. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, cycling, and reading. His inclusive leadership style and collaboration with diverse teams highlight his commitment to a dynamic work environment.

JT leads the TTTH (Travel, Transportation, Tourism and Hospitality) industry vertical for Fusion CX in addition to leading Omind.