Fusion spearheads the Covid-19 vaccination drive in Manila and Cebu, Philippines.

Fusion spearheads the Covid 19 vaccination-drive in Manila and Cebu Philippines

May 15, 2021, CEBU City – A business process outsourcing (BPO) company, Fusion Philippines, has announced that it will provide vaccinations for its employees in Manila and other cities. The company has secured 2,500 doses of vaccine for the initial phase of its vaccination drive, to ensure the health and safety of its workforce.

Fusion has demonstrated its dedication to the well-being of its employees by facilitating access to the COVID-19 vaccine. The company is working closely with the Cebu Doctors’ Hospital to prioritize its workers and ensure they can receive the vaccine without any loss of pay or time away from work. This initiative is part of Fusion’s broader commitment to ensure the protection of the employee health and safety, demonstrating a strong focus on their well-being.

“Fusion will bear all costs associated with vaccine administration and will help employees get vaccinated,” the company stated in a statement.

Nagarajan Anandaraman, Manager of Fusion Philippines, emphasized the company’s continuous efforts to maintain operational continuity and minimize disruptions since the onset of the pandemic. “Offering vaccination options to our employees is one way we can extend support to them and reduce the dilemma between earning a livelihood and safeguarding their health,” Anandaraman explained.

Fusion has introduced numerous safety protocols to shield its employees from the virus, including enabling a work-from-home arrangement, implementing regular sanitation measures, and mandating mask-wearing in the workplace.

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