With Tailor-made Call Center Services for Fintech Companies

The financial technology industry is busy and thriving, but many established brands need to be faster to adopt digital technology-based approaches. Unfortunately, they're stuck in the past and still use complicated, outdated methods. It's not just new financial service brands that struggle with obsolete procedures and red tape; existing brands are also susceptible. Thus in an industry with high churn rates and terrible NPS scores, brands in the fintech segment that can offer real value to their customers will rise above the competition.

While maintaining traditional customer experiences and brands is essential, established financial service brands must also meet the expectations of modern consumers, as consumers want a seamless and hassle-free process. But with all of these expectations, it can be challenging for your business to stay competitive and make enough revenue.

That is where out-of-the-box call center solutions for Fintech Companies come in. We create the best experiences and understand that you must offer world-class customer service to win and keep customers. Our reliable fintech call center outsourcing facilitates a prompt and personalized customer experience (CX) while addressing your challenges.


Customer Service

We can provide customer service via phone, email, and social media channels. From the customer’s first contact to a live chat – we have your back. Your customers won’t have an issue getting in touch with you.

Payment Support

No matter your payment-related issue, our team of agents is experienced in handling it. They can easily take care of money transfers and income verifications through multiple channels.

App Support

You’ll have a dedicated tech agent to answer any questions about complex apps. In addition, they will help you navigate the process and understand your total finance needs as a global technology solution provider.

Collection Support

Serving both 1st party and 3rd party collections, we provide world-class support to fintech companies. Our service offerings include a call center, web chat, social contact, negotiation, and more.

Customer Acquisition

With a blend of creativity and strategy, our team helps your business acquire new customers. We make sure that your fintech solutions have the perfect values and branding so that your service is successful from the very first interaction.

Back Office

Our proprietary back-office software provides optimal data collection, registration, and administrative security. It makes collecting, registering, and managing your data secure and efficient.


Tech Support



Ensured Business


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    Bespoke Approach

    Your business and goals are unique, so we offer exceptional customer experience solutions tailored to your needs through professional and skilled experts. It is this that distinguishes us from our competitors. In addition, we provide a flexible work environment that caters to customized requirements and engagement lengths – you won’t regret it.

    Solution & Resolution Focused

    One of the best features of our company is that we have a dedicated solutions manager on every account, and they’re happy to help. That includes being responsive to any changes you might need. We also take an active approach to problem-solving by proactively addressing any issues that come up, which saves you time and energy.

    Compliance Adherence

    We offer compliance with financial services and banking operations. The GDPR Compliance ensures you comply with the policies governing all data management aspects relating to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition to that, we offer assistance with innovative technologies and learning programs that manage complex operational, regulatory, compliance, and network requirements.

    Efficiency & Effectiveness Measurement

    We offer ongoing and tech-driven tracking to ensure efficient and effective service and quarterly business reviews to measure ROI.

    Global reach

    We’ve engineered redundancy into our work systems by expanding to 27 locations across 14 countries globally with 12K+ employees and over 40 languages. It allows you to scale your business quickly and continuously. This will empower you to achieve stability, continuity, and quick turnaround time in your customer interactions.




    Our Fintech call center outsourcing in Albania makes it simple for your financial business to reliably access top-quality inbound & outbound contact center services and provide the best customer service possible. So build your stable business in the Balkan region.


    Our contact center solution for financial technologies helps companies in Morocco offer their customers exceptional customer service. We offer prompt and accurate assistance combined with convenient solutions to satisfy clientele.

    United Kingdom

    Our fintech call center services in the UK offers multilingual and omnichannel customer support for your diverse customer base. As a result, you’ll be able to deliver cutting-edge customer experiences.


    Our nationwide presence and wide range of contact center solutions for financial technologies in India enable you to reach your customers anywhere with a consistent customer experience.


    Have a better customer experience with our customer-focused call center solutions for fintech companies. Moreover, we help you build brand recognition and enhance customer identity through positive customer interactions.


    Fusion CX’s multilingual customer services in 40+ languages enable you to provide personalized communications to your near-shore customers in their native languages.


    Our Mexico fintech call center services offer world-class customer engagement solutions, with the best support available in multiple languages that adheres to local cultural norms and customs and is relevant to global customer needs.

    United States

    With our customer engagement services for your customers, you’ll be able to improve customer retention and recapture lost revenue. In addition, we provide a secure environment for your clients across every state within the borders of the United States.


    Our Canada branch fintech call center services can help you bring in new customers and grow your revenue by delivering exceptional customer experiences, fostering positive brand identity and loyalty, and leveraging the latest technologies to achieve these goals.

    El Salvador

    Our El Salvador fintech call center outsourcing will help you improve customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. We also deliver a strong brand identity and customer relations to help improve your company’s position in your region.

    The Philippines

    Allow our multilingual and omnichannel contact center solution for financial technologies to increase customer satisfaction. With our best-in-class customer support infrastructure in the Philippines, we’ll customize the solution to your individual needs.


    Our Indonesian branch provides 24/7 customer contact services for financial companies across the APAC region. As a result, we empower you to deliver personalized customer engagements and increase retention and revenue.


    Our fintech call center services ensure a high-quality customer experience for your financial customers in Colombia, which will help deliver incredible results. In particular, our contact center provides unparalleled customer retention rates and generates high revenues for your business.


    With 24/7 customer assistance, you can improve your customer retention strategies in Kosovo. We’ll assist you in maximizing income production through consistently satisfying customer communications.



    Do you support live chat software?

    Yes. We support live chat software, and our agents are well-trained in how to use them.

    In what ways do you ensure the security of my data?

    We know that your data and company information is a top priority, which is why we keep them safe. We never compromise your business' safety or data - it's too important. Our employees must sign a non-disclosure agreement before they start working with Fusion CX, and we will severely punish anyone who violates it.

    What are the risks associated with outsourcing customer support for the fintech services Industry?

    Outsourcing customer support for the fintech services industry to a trusted company is a great way to cut costs and increase revenue. However, you will face some risks like any other small business. For example, there's the risk of poor reputation management, privacy law violations, compliance issues, downtime, and data loss. To mitigate these risks and provide world-class service, you need quality outsourcing service from a financially confident call center staffed by experts with the experience necessary to deal with these issues efficiently.