Konverse: A Conversational Sales & Marketing Platform Fostering Engagement Across Diverse Channels

In the age of customer-centricity, engaging with today’s uber-connected consumers across their preferred communication channels and delivering a consistent experience at each touchpoint can be challenging, leading to increased operational costs and reduced conversion. Meet Konverse, a versatile Conversational Sales & Marketing Platform that reimagines your everyday conversations as potent conversion opportunities. Konverse allows building smart conversational applications that can provide customers with fast, consistent, and accurate answers and solutions across any messaging platform, application, device, or channel. Konverse is your reliable ally across multiple channels for engaging users – from the web and WhatsApp to Google, Voice, and beyond.

Imagine effortlessly accessing information, scheduling services, seeking support, and staying seamlessly connected with your audience through various channels. Konverse achieves this through advanced AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), securely fetching real-time information from databases and systems. Konverse drives automated conversations at scale, seamlessly integrating with diverse CRM platforms and leading systems. Integrate with SAP, Magento, Shopify, and more to ensure consistency and a frictionless journey for your customers.

Konverse's custom flow management ensures precise responses by tracking context, while its robust reporting capabilities empower you with micro-level insights. The Intuitive AI solution with high accuracy and confidence score offers excellent experience at every touchpoint of the user journey. With complete control over agent routing and team management, Konverse stands out with its user-friendly interface, multilingual support, and extensive personalization with No-Code Bot Building capabilities. Custom analytics tailored to your organization's needs and enterprise-grade security through AES-256 encryption and stringent private key protectionreinforce Konverse's prowess.


Empower your business with Konverse's Conversational AI to transform customer interactions, drive conversions, and provide exceptional service.

Revenue Boost

Witness a 30% surge in leads and conversions, significantly enhancing revenue generation.

Engagement Excellence

Elevate customer engagement and achieve exceptional Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores with Konverse

Cost Efficiency

Konverse reduces support costs by 25%, significantly streamlining operations for greater cost efficiency.

In-Depth Insights

Every interaction with Konverse provides profound customer insights, enabling personalized interactions and precise targeting.


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28+ Locations,
14 Countries
40+ Languages

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    Enhance shopping experiences while reducing operating expenses through automated customer engagements. Provide shoppers with instant responses and round-the-clock support. Elevate sales by offering expert guidance and ensuring a personalized and user-friendly experience.


    Revamp banking, financial services, and insurance with fast, result-driven conversational engagement. Automate customer interactions in sales and support. Digitally onboard customers through voice, video, and messaging, eliminating the hassle of traditional ‘form-filling’ for an engaging customer journey.

    Edtech & Education

    Tailor learning experiences with Konverse and seamlessly support administrative tasks, making learning engaging, accessible, and efficient for students and educators. It provides personalized and 24/7 assistance in scheduling classes, query resolutions, connecting to experts, and more across multiple channels.

    Human Resources

    Konverse helps connect to employees and efficiently perform diverse tasks such as managing leave applications and approvals, checking leave balance holiday lists,downloading payslips forms, and efficiently managing tax and expense. Manage onboarding experience, employee self-service, and help desk tickets from a single solution.



    How does Konverse handle sensitive customer data and ensure privacy and security?

    Konverse takes data privacy and security seriously. We implement robust security measures and adhere to industry standards to protect customer data. Our platform is designed to comply with relevant data protection regulations, and we offer customizable security configurations to meet your specific requirements. You can trust that your data is securely handled when using Konverse.

    Can Konverse be integrated with my existing customer support systems and tools?

    Yes, Konverse is designed to be flexible and easily integrated into your existing systems and workflows. We offer seamless integration options with popular customer support tools, CRM systems, and other platforms. It allows you to leverage the power of conversational AI while maintaining the continuity of your current operations.