3 Ways Live Chat Support Can Help Healthcare Industry

Live Chat Can Help Healthcare Industry

At present, every customer expects to get answers to their questions promptly and efficiently across all industries. Why should the healthcare industry be any different?

To meet the ever-changing patient demand and deliver exceptional customer experience, healthcare providers and companies are resorting to modern technologies like live chat.  Thanks to this communication channel, perplexed or just demanding customers/ patients/members can get the much-needed answers to their questions from healthcare organizations. It also allows healthcare organizations to stay ahead of their competition.

Healthcare companies and providers can use live chat in many ways to grow their business and help their customers. Here are four popular ways healthcare companies are using live chat.

1. Setting Up Automated Appointment

Thanks to an advanced integration with CRM systems and other related platforms, a state-of-the-art live chat platform enables customer service agents and the tool to take necessary actions post-chat session.

An example is when a chat originates from the “Set an Appointment” page, the customer service representative can create a new appointment record, record chat history, and even send email notifications from a single screen. Automated appointment setup can help healthcare members resolve their appointment-setting issues quickly and streamline the process.

2. Private and Secure Q&A

Healthcare BPO providers deal with sensitive and often delicate information daily. Live chat allows them a “safe” environment where members or patients can discuss personal or private billing, benefits, or health details. While considering such personal details via live chat, patients can enjoy peace of mind knowing they won’t be overheard, which is a common issue with phone calls.

Leading live chat platforms can offer security features like data masking and blinded chat log retention to make the process even more secure.

3. Converting Web Visitors into Members/Customers

Enabling live chat on a website provides customers and prospective customers an easy and immediate way to ask questions. If as a healthcare customer service provider, you are not providing your members or patients the answers they are looking for; you are likely to be replaced by a provider who is willing to provide more information readily.

Some popular live chat support tools have exciting features like two-way chat engagement. In this feature, agents can proactively reach out to members or prospects with information, guidance, and reasons to schedule an appointment, sign up for a membership, or even make a purchase.

These are the three most popular ways the healthcare industry can use live chat platforms for member communication. Live chat has quickly become a robust customer communication channel for the healthcare industry thanks to its prompt nature, privacy features, flexibility, and versatility.

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