The Email Marketing Essentials for Business Success In 2021 And Beyond

The recent pandemic has changed the way businesses and companies used to operate. It is safe to say that some of these changes will continue to affect businesses in the long term. In fact, some experts are of the opinion that things will never be the same again for certain industries.

In the past one and a half years, digital has taken center stage as businesses from various industry verticals have shifted to online marketing strategies and eCommerce platforms to survive and thrive during the pandemic. And as we enter the recovery phase, it’s essential to know what works and what’s does not for your business.

Studies show that there has been a rise in email open rates during the pandemic. As per the recent marketing trends, the power of email marketing has increased in 2020. You too can join the bandwagon and cash in on this growing trend. You just need to map out an email marketing strategy the workout for you. You can choose any of the following marketing strategies depending on your company size, sector, digital maturity and your business success rate amid the pandemic.

1. Seek to Hyper-personalize Your Emails

With the improvement in technology, marketing has become more personalized, which is the key to email marketing success. When you personalize marketing emails by creating contextualized and targeted email marketing campaigns using customer data, it has a higher chance of engaging the readers.

Nowadays, email marketing BPOs can customize an email based on a user’s geographic location, age, gender, career, civil status, or other readily available information. So, email today can be infused with a recipient’s name, birthday, email address, purchase orders, and so on.

2. Design Omnichannel Strategies

Omnichannel marketing is gaining traction in the post-pandemic scenes. It will allow you to remind your customers about deals offers, subscriptions, and cart entries through various touchpoints. Email is one of the most potent marketing tools in this digital age. Therefore, email marketing can be paired with all other channels to strengthen your specific messages and campaigns.

Ecommerce companies have already started using omnichannel strategies for their marketing campaigns. However, businesses from other industry verticals too can join the bandwagon and maximize their reach using this strategy. For example – the travel and hospitality businesses can team up with an email marketing call center with omnichannel expertise to improve their recall and boost their sales.

3. Focus on Text-Only Emails

While visually appealing newsletters and posters are an instant eye-catcher, go heavy on the graphics, and it can reduce the effectiveness of an email campaign as your email’s message gets lost in all the graphics. That is why, it is important to create text emails with high-quality copywriting that resonates with your prospects. However, not every email marketing company has mastered the art of writing text-only emails. Therefore, you must look for an email marketing call center that can create both text-only and graphical emails to outsource your email marketing campaign.

Another reason for choosing text emails over graphic ones is that email services like Gmail are programmed to push these image-heavy emails into the promotions tab or spam. Text-only emails appear more authentic and therefore are more likely to land on the primary tab. It also gets better responses on occasions. As per statistics, text-only emails can have up to 17% higher click-through rates.

So, it is always better to create a balance between graphic emails and text-only emails to increase the overall performance of your email campaigns.

4. Make Good Use of Automations and Drip Marketing

Combining drip marketing and automation can increase the success rate of your email campaigns big time. Drip marketing through email can help you funnel and segment recipients and send individual emails based on their actions.

Here is an example- one of your email subscribers clicks on a particular product/ service page on your website. Using an automated drip marketing sequence, you can send a string of emails that provide the recipient with more information about the product or service and even offer them a discount coupon.

Thus, automation can help marketers save time and energy. Once you have the right email marketing call center as your email campaign partner, they can help you set up a drip marketing and email segmentation automation that can run like clockwork without any manual supervision.

5. Build Long-Term Customer Relationships

The best part of email marketing is that you can speak to your subscribers as long as they remain on your brand’s email list. However, many companies tend to only market to customers once and end the relationship there. That is as bad as leaving money on the table. Once a customer purchases from your business, it increased the chance of a follow-up purchase.

Instead, when email marketers can deploy email campaigns to follow up, get feedback, and even upsell other products to their customers and create long-term relationships with them. For example – software as a Service (SaaS) companies that offer subscriptions on their products can create automated sequences that send email reminders when a customer becomes inactive on a platform or their subscription date is about to expire. Teaming up with the right email marketing call center can allow these businesses to focus on building the lifetime value of a customer and not just create a stand-alone relation.

The Future of Email Marketing and How an Email Marketing Call Center can Help

In the age of new normal, it is hard to predict something surely. However, if you look at the recent marketing trends, it can give you an idea about what trend to follow and what can help businesses to get ahead in their game. But some likely trends can help marketers and business owners on top of their game.

From 293.6 billion emails sent daily in 2019 to 306.4 billion emails sent daily in 2020, we see a rise in overall email marketing. As per Statista, by the end of 2025, emails sent daily by companies will reach 376.4 billion. So, it is safe to say that no matter how digital marketing excels post-pandemic, email marketing is here to stay for a long time. So, it is wide to team up with an email marketing call center to maximize the benefit of email marketing for your business.

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