Spreading the Word-Of-Mouth for Your Brand

Word Of Mouth

Brand becomes tangible through customer interaction. And customer interaction takes an upsurge with the use of contact centers.

As customer interaction is the primary key to unlock good profits for your business, some questions will follow when you choose a contact center to set your branding strategy-

  • How do contact center heats up your customer interaction?
  • How can they spread your brand message?
  • What are the steps adopted by contact centers in branding?

Let Fusion CX brief you the answers to above questions.

Contact centers actually enjoy a powerful position to build and reinforce your brand and help you stay a step ahead from your competitors.

A contact center adds WOW factor in your business and sets a powerful brand identity and highlights what you do best compared to your competitors.

In order to reinforce your brand day in and day out, Fusion CX keeps brand promise in two popular ways:

  • Through agents working in our contact center
  • Through technological support to run the contact center operations

Agents Communicate Your Brand

Agents at Fusion CX serve as the frontlines for communicating client’s brand. In order to drive focus on the brand, we employ agent-training program.

In the program, we feed our sales agent with information on the client’s approach in conducting their business, setting differentiators against the client’s competitors, thus set a branding strategy.

After we introduce the changes, what follows up?

  • Fusion CX feels it necessary to keep agents updated with company procedures, competition that the brand faces to communicate effectively with customers. Fusion CX arms their employees with relevant information to assist agents in quick decision-making in case of any change in the procedures.
  • Fusion CX has started reward programs to recognize the right agents in charge of customer interaction, simply keeping a tab on their day-to-day performance. With the use of monitoring tools, we catch up with Fusion CXites representing brand values of our clients.

Contact Center Technology Supports the Brand

Survey shows that there are five times more chances for a customer to leave a company for the poor experience than for the product quality or price.

Using all probable marketing efforts to drive customers towards contact center is important, since sales representatives can make the interactions fast, easy, personalized and courteous.

Technology helps customers to gel with the highest level of service directing calls to the right agents, implanting channel consistency and transferring customer details at every call.

How we attain the highest level of customer service excellence at Fusion CX?

  • When customers call, we make sure that he or she connects with the right agent who can deliver what the customer wants. Routing rules identify the customer and directs the call to the best-equipped agent to provide personalized service to customers, leading to first call resolutions. (FCR is the primary ingredient of a stellar customer service.)
  • We handle customer interaction separately using phone, email, chat or fax. We have a universal queue that considers all these channels equally. Technologies like screen prompt, scripting tools and presence of a unified desktop meets quality standards and reinforces brands messages while interacting with customers.
  • We have enabled the process of transferring customer details with each call to stop customers from repeating their account numbers or even the call purpose. As repeating is troublesome.

Branding is no doubt a hard aspect, but earning it is worthy for your business. Do you know a well-developed and reinforced brand contributes real value to the niche market? The value will help your business enjoy higher stock price, greater gross margin and bottom line savings irrespective of size.

Fusion CX employs the right agent and the right technology in place to deliver the right kind of customer experience for their client.

At Fusion CX, we believe that experience matters. Since, experience delivers brand promise with a positive note.

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