Top 5 Live Chat Support Trend for 2022 and Beyond

81% of customer service leaders are now investing 36% more in live chat and messaging. Customers expect personalized service, and they don’t necessarily want to pick up the phone or wait for an email response. In such conditions, live chat support is the best option. The latest mechanism enables the support team to deliver exemplary customer service instantly. It’s more about adding a human touch to issue resolutions.

Customer demands

Customers use digital and online channels when communicating with their brands. They don’t want to wait for answers. The embedded live chat support allows customers to receive the information they need immediately and act accordingly rather than wait for replies. Live chat support opens direct communications channels between customers and online sales.

Top Live Chat Support Trends for 2022

Live chat is the only solution for businesses to engage with their customers on their terms in the current phase. Also, support is the only way to engage with their customer on their terms. The digitalization of customer support means that you can opt for scalable cloud technology.


Speed doesn’t need to be everything for live chat support. Customer satisfaction can still be surprisingly high in engagement that exceeds the ten-minute mark. However, this totally depends on the complexity of the requests and the quality of the answer. Ideally, chat support helps resolve issues that generally take too much time over email. As a result, live chat support provides a perfect opportunity to listen to customer requests and converse with them.

Result-oriented interface

An essential part of the conversation is to help clients engage in conversation in the best possible way. Here, you can deliver personalized assistance and strengthen the customer’s bond with a brand. When you efficiently sort and centralize chats and multiple queries into a manageable queue, agents can prioritize and resolve queries more efficiently.

  • Live chat enables businesses to communicate in real time. It helps generate a satisfaction level of 73% when compared to just 61% for email and 44% for phone. (econsultancy, )
  • 63% of consumers report that they are more likely to return to a website that offers a live chat option. (, )
  • 54% of retailers offer live chat features on their websites (, )
  • With a live chat option, your business can increase customer retention rates by 5%. Its a net profit by 25%-95% (,
  • With a live chat option, your business can increase customer retention rates by 5%. Its a net profit by 25%-95% (,
  • 68% of respondents liked that a chatbot answered them quickly (,

Data insights and CRM integration

Most clients have gone digital, and businesses need to meet them at their point of need. Therefore, it is highly essential that agents need to answer queries confidently. Live chat support enables firms to deliver personalized interactions or purchases to better understand each customer’s preferences and habits.

AI and NLP integration

It’s essential to provide 24/7 omnichannel support in the most preferred language. When you provide live chat support over multiple channels, it’s an explicit feature of a proficient live chat support system. Chatbots can utilize artificial intelligence (AI) And natural language Processing technology (NLP) and enhance customer satisfaction by handling basic queries 24/7.

Live chat support for future-proofing customer experience

Customer expectations have changed—moreover; it’s essential to provide faster and more personalized interactions. Live chat support meets these requirements better than traditional channels.

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