How Outsourcing Social Listening Benefits Your Business

Social listening is trending! However, do you exactly know what social listening includes? Well, the idea regarding all those metrics, brand mentions, relevant hashtags, and stuff must have come to your mind. But, that’s not precisely what social listening tends to offer. However, you don’t have to worry, and it’s definitely not super technical. So, before we move any further, have a look here:

Imagine you own a restaurant. While preparing your menu card one day, you overhear two customers in line talking about your food selection.

“I love the pizza here,” one says. “Especially the cheese.”

“Yup, the cheese tastes awesome,” the other replies. “However, I don’t love chicken soup. Way too boring.”

Now, you begin to wonder whether each of the customers thinks the same! Based on what you hear, you tend to work on that product. Now, this is what traditional listening actually means. Take this scenario digital, and that’s what social listening about the brand really means.

When you outsource social listening to a social media call center, you’re able to track the social media platforms, including mentions and conversations related to your brand. Further, the social media call center company analyzes them for insights and helps discover further opportunities. Additionally, it’s a two-step process.

Step-1: Follow social media platforms to mention the brand, competitors, products, and keywords related to the business.

Step-2: Analyze the information and put what you learn into action. Now, this can range from responding to happy customers to shifting the entire brand positioning.

You should note that social listening looks beyond the numbers to consider the mood behind the data. Moreover, businesses can understand what people feel about them and their competitors. When you know how people think about the brand, it helps you to ignite your brand rating in the market. But keep that in mind, there’s positive, there’s negative, and there’s a neutral response.

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Why is Social Listening Important?

Those businesses that fail to utilize social media listening are leaving valuable insights on the table. Moreover, your business might be missing a significant piece of understanding about the brand that people are discussing.

Customers are telling you what they want from the brand. If you care (which you should definitely do), you need to outsource social listening. Besides, here are a few ways social listening can help your business offer a competitive edge over others.

Engage with customers

When you outsource social listening to a social media call center, it gives you the option to engage with the customers about the brand. For instance, a customer might have tweeted about how much they loved your product; they might have contacted you via social media for a customer service request. In such a scenario, the brand’s presence is essential. Moreover, you need to comprehend the customer appropriately—here’s where the outsourced social listening team comes in handy.

Crisis management

A crisis may arise anytime. But, the social listening team is online to track that sentiment. Moreover, as a business holder, you can see what posts are performing well for your brand and which posts aren’t.

If you’re getting tons of positive engagement, look for the reasons behind it. Your customer shares a lot of information about what they like and how they feel. Those lessons can help guide a powerful strategy across channels. On top of that, social listening also enables you to address PR disasters before they get out of hand.

If the sentiment stays down, it’s time to review the social feedback for lessons that could prevent a similar misstep in the future. On the other hand, if the audience sentiment is way down, it’s best to look for the cause and make changes. Maybe it’s about pulling a problem post or apologizing for an insensitive Tweet.

Track Competitors

There’s more to social listening than understanding what people say about the brand. Moreover, you get detailed insight into where you fit in the marketplace. This includes a comprehensive analysis of competitors, launching new products, developing new marketing campaigns, or perhaps taking a beating in the press.

When your business includes social listening by outsourcing it to a BPO with expertize in social medua support, you can find new opportunities and threats that happen. Moreover, you have the option to plan and respond accordingly.

Discover new leads

Customers love it when services they avail of have helped solve their concerns. Besides, customers hate being sold right away with the white-hot passion of a dying star. With social listening, you can help develop relationships with potential customers who can nurture into a relationship for social selling.

Now is the right time to reach out and make a connection. Besides, this helps you establish the brand as the best resource when it comes time to make a purchase decision.

Kickstart Your Social Listening Process Today!

Good social listening is what you should be listening for. Moreover, choosing the right keyword initiates brand engagement. The keywords and topic monitoring are likely to evolve. Therefore, outsourcing social listening to a professional social media call center enables you to grab the highest spot in the long run.

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