Fusion CX in India: Making a Positive Impact

Since in incorporation in 2004 in Kolkata, India, Fusion CX has grown exponentially and has carved a niche in the global BPO landscape within just 18 years. Today Fusion CX is present in 27 locations across 14 countries and catering to the myriad outsourcing needs of several industries worldwide, including retail, travel and Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, new-age businesses, and much more. In every industry it caters to, Fusion CX has positively impacted and helped its clients succeed by ensuring a superior CX delivery.

Let us take a quick look at six ways Fusion CX has made a positive impact on their clients’ businesses:

An extended team:

We work as an extension of our client’s team. We can ensure improved service delivery by seamlessly integrating with your existing team. Working closely with your team allows us to understand your business goals and the needs and expectations of your customers. This way, we can help you work on a CX delivery model that suits your business and enables you to deliver superior customer service in each interaction.

Superior CX delivery:

Customer experience is a significant business differentiator. As per recent researches, 96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand. At the same time, 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue. So, standing in today, delivering a superior CX is a prerequisite to business success. At Fusion CX, we understand this. That is why we aim to ensure a high-quality customer engagement and CX delivery at every customer interaction across all channels throughout the customer lifecycle.

Our multi-channel and omnichannel call center strategy allows us to deliver superior customer service in over 40 languages, ensuring timely and accurate issue and query resolution, proactive communication, and much more—all these results in better customer satisfaction, improved customer loyalty, and minimum customer attrition.

Quality and Compliance adherence:

At Fusion CX in India, we pay close attention to quality and compliance adherence. As a BPO catering to different industries worldwide, we understand that different businesses need to adhere to different compliances depending on the nature of business and their geolocation. At Fusion CX, we have earned several certifications to help our clients from various industry verticals stay compliant with industry regulations. These include:

  • SOC2
  • SOC3
  • ISO27001
  • ISO27002
  • HIPAA-compliance

We also have a stringent quality assurance process that helps us helps us quickly identify performance gaps and errors and rectify them through real-time feedback and training need identification. In addition, our AI and speech-to-text technology allow us to audit 100% of calls and provide timely and accurate feedback to ensure continuous process improvement.

Adding great value to the processes:

With customer behavior, need, and expectations changing rapidly, businesses need to constantly upgrade their customer experience strategy to better cater to their customers. And do so, they need an outsourcing partner with a flexible CX delivery model capable of offering a highly personalized customer service delivery.

With over 30 years of experience in the customer service domain, we have designed omnichannel CX delivery models that can meet and exceed our clients’ and their customers’ expectations with a wide range of high-personalized contact center services in over 40 languages. In addition, our state-of-the-art training prepares our agents for every type of interaction. It helps them ensure better customer satisfaction at each interaction, adding value to our client’s processes.


Companies today see very little value in hiring top contact center companies if they are forced to pay a fortune. It depreciates the value of the services and impacts their cost-effectiveness to the clients.

On the other hand, Fusion CX in India deliver top industry-specific customer services at very competitive prices. As a result, it allows businesses to offer superior customer services without raising the costs of the products or services. At the same time, we also ensure excellent customer experiences, which help our clients to retain customers and provide maximum revenues through repeated purchases, enabling companies to enjoy a cost-effective outsourcing experience without compromising quality.

Digital transformation:

Fusion CX in India has integrated the power of AI and automation to improve customer engagement and deliver better services. With the help of AI, machine learning, automation, and speech-to-text technology, we have improved agent efficiency, agent performance, and quality assurance while minimizing performance gaps and manual errors in all our processes. As a result, our service delivery has improved manifold, ensuring superior CX delivery at every interaction.


As a leading BPO services provider with a global presence, Fusion CX aims to enable a future of excellence in customer satisfaction and business growth for its clients. And to reach that goal, we have created the perfect blend of human interaction and tech expertise. It helps us deliver a high-quality customer experience through timely customer support and other personalized contact center services, propelling our clients towards business success.

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