Ecommerce Call Center: Rightly Supporting Ecommerce Fulfilment at Every Stage 

The eCommerce industry has been experiencing rapid growth in the past few years. With the pandemic accelerating the digital adoption rate, the growth of the eCommerce sector has skyrocketed, and there is no sign of slowing down. However, with the eCommerce industry booming, the competition has become fiercer. In order to stay ahead of the competition, an eCommerce brand has to take care of a few things –

  • Product quality
  • CX delivery
  • Fulfillment

While all these factors can significantly impact your business, we cannot stress the last two points. Without seamless fulfillment, the overall CX delivery will remain subpar, leading to customer attrition and a drop in brand reputation. Studies show that

  • 94% of consumers blame retailers for poor delivery.
  • 79% of online shoppers are influenced by free shipping to purchase from an eCommerce brand.
  • 38% of online shoppers abandon a cart because a package may take more than a week to be delivered.
  • 83.7% of shoppers say that delivery is the most important to the overall shopping experience.

So, in a nutshell, to retain your customer and make them keep coming back, you need to find the best eCommerce fulfillment provider and offer seamless customer support to help your customers get information on your fulfillment. So, before you go into the detail of how can an eCommerce call center can help you deliver great customer support during the fulfillment, let’s understand the eCommerce fulfillment process.

What is fulfillment?

ECommerce fulfillment is the eCommerce operation that delivers your products to your customers. Your e-fulfillment processes comprise several things –

  • ECommerce store and fulfillment center integration
  • Receiving and inventory management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Returns processing

The following chart will give you an accurate idea of how fulfilment works

How Does Ecommerce Fulfillment work?

In order to ensure a great fulfillment experience for your customers, you need to combine it with the right customer support at each stage of the fulfillment. Even when you outsource your fulfillment to a third-party logistics (3PL) partner, you can still ensure a great customer experience by aligning your eCommerce call center and your logistic partner with your brand. Here’s how your eCommerce call center can help your customers by providing them with accurate order information.

Ecommerce Call Center Services That Help You Deliver The Best Customer Support During Fulfilment Phase

Order processing – Ecommerce call centers can provide your customers with order processing. They can take your customers’ orders and process the information and inform your fulfillment partner.

Order tracking – While the order is in the fulfillment stage, an eCommerce call center can process the order tracking requests of your customers and provide them with accurate information regarding the stage of fulfillment of an order via email, chat or voice. They can also offer them an estimated delivery time. Providing timely and accurate information regarding an order via your customers preferred channel can put their mind at ease and improve their overall experience.

Proactive communication - In case of a delay at your eCommerce distribution center, the eCommerce call center can proactively reach out to your customers and inform them about the delay and can also give them an estimated time of delivery. It will improve customer satisfaction and ensure a superior experience.

Return – Even when you let your 3PL partner handle the return requests, you need to handle the customer service for return requests. Return or refund requests are often the last phase of a customers’ journey. A good return or refund experience can make a customer come back and do business again with you in the future, while a lousy return or refund experience can make them switch to a competitor brand. Therefore, it is crucial to deliver a superior experience to retain your customers. Your ecommerce contact center partner can do just that for you.


These are some of the ways an eCommerce call center can help you deliver a superior customer experience during the fulfillment. Therefore, it is essential to have a call center outsourcing partner by your side who can ensure a high service quality at every stage of your eCommerce business operation and also work seamlessly with your logistic partner to deliver accurate and timely information to your customers, improving their satisfaction level.

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