10 Ways a Customer Service Representative Can Grow Customer Empathy

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Empathy is a human emotion rather an ability to understand and share the feeling of others. Use of empathy is essential within contact centers of today. Since, exhibiting customer empathy generates better customer experiences.

An agent when understands a customer issue in situations like a family mishap or if they are in the need of an immediate loan, it efficiently displays an empathy working in favor of the customer.

We often tell Fusion CXites in our training that if you understand your customer you will be equipping yourself to support them with exactly what they need.

Well, Fusion CX harps on few practices that help our agents to engage with customers and develop a deeper level of understanding and empathy throughout the campaign journey.

Seeking a little attention from our readers, as we will like them to look at the ways Fusion CX grows customer empathy within their contact centers.

1) Fusion CX prefer their agents to start off with something positive – If the customer has spent  his or her time explaining their frustration, then our agents begins with a short and intent statement that gains a customer’s confidence. Fusion CXites likes to start off with phrases such as

Okay, we can fix this for you…

Right, let’s get into the problem and sort it out…

2) Addressing customers with their name – Our agents prefers to ask or address customers with their name when they start conversing rather than seeking their reference or address. It is easy to get on with a conversation and make your customer feel special. This makes the customer feel like talk to a human and not to a scripted machine.

3) We love to share the customer insights – With the access to social media customer shares their good and bad experiences online. Thus, we need access to various technologies to mine thousands of social media posts, product reviews, emails, or comments.

However, doing so helps our agents to gain insight about what the customer feel or think about the client’s brand we promote. Call center agents/supervisors/SME/managers/ collects and shares data/feedback among each other and converse about ways to improve customer experience.

4) Fusion CXites love to wear the customer’s shoe – Becoming customers themselves are a recent trend that we follow at Fusion CX. Our agents do a mystery shop for client’s brand and the competitors to track our experience in a campaign. Walking in customer’s shoe helps customer service reps to gain insight on how they experience the customer service offered in first hand.

5) Learning the art of apology – Agents must recognize the worst situation and accept the blame and admits being wrong. Humility can calm down anger faster than a refund.

So, do not just give back the money and let them go away angry. It is better to train agents on ways to ask for an apology from customers. Walking the extra mile to repair the dampen situation and to exceed the customer expectation is a wide-reach aspect and creates an undying impression in the customer’s mind.

6) Making of life-size map of the campaign journey – At Fusion CX, we cover a detailed study on the customer behavior, traits as they walk through different parts of the client organization. We map out their experience on a chart and hang it on the work floor. Our agents walk through the customer journey, describes, discuss what they see from the customer perspective at a given point.

7) Building agents listening skills – Listening skill is one such trait that entails empathetic view. Agents need to pay attention to the wide array of signals coming from the speaker. These include – tone of voice, facial expressions and body language.

Well, listening trait is imperative. If you want your agents to understand the problem, we must support them with the appropriate feedback technology.

8) Comforting customers with understanding phrases – When customers call, it is a big chance for the agents to turn a potentially negative experience into a good experience. We ask our agent to stuff their script with phrases such as –

I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this problem

We know how frustrating it was for you

These phrases display empathy and convince the customer that agents understand their situation and are going to fix the problem soon. Fusion CX asks their employee to show genuine empathy. It should not seem forceful. They must not overdo it.

9) Staying organized – On an average, a call center agent’s schedule stays packed to the brim. Hence, it is essential for them to learn the organization skill. You need customer service representatives who know when to travel the extra mile and when they need to ask for the additional expertise.

Organizational skills are an important aspect that Customer Care Services Provider should not ignore as it helps them to make sure all promises have enacted.

10) RAPPORT (Retention of Customers, Appreciation, Paying Attention, Pleasing Personality, Organized, Reassuring, Trained) – Employing customer service reps with these inherent qualities stated above what we call ‘RAPPORT’ at Fusion CX, helps to set customer empathy in motion for different campaigns. Thus, we train our staff accordingly to build rapport, exchange pleasantries with customers and engage with them in an informative, helpful and easy conversation.

Ignore forced empathy. We hate to overdo things at Fusion CX. Empathy is more a natural response, which the service reps can show when a customer comes with a problem. Thus, we ask Fusion CXites to be naturally empathetic.

Fusion CX at present reins 4 outsourcing destinations respectively US, UK, India and Philippines with 9 contact centers and we implement all these empathetic practices everywhere to score a whopping 100% in customer satisfaction meter.

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