Fusion CX’s Work-At-Home Solution and Experience: Serving clients During the COVID-19 Crisis

Work At Home Solutions

For more than two decades Fusion CX’s Work at Home solution has helped many clients achieve their business goals with superior customer experiences and productivity. However, the unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic challenged the Fusion CX Work at Home unit to perform at levels never seen before.

In last one business week the client centric commitment of the entire Fusion CX team transformed a pre-dominantly brick & mortar contact center operations to an 75% Work at Home across all global locations. To name a few regions, we are at 100% work-at-home transition for Manila (Philippines), an 80% transition in India, 85% at Cebu (Philippines). Every member of the team was applauded for their results by our clients and internal stakeholders. At no time was a team member’s well-being & safety compromised.

Here are some key insights on how to effectively manage contingency solutions at scale with minimal compromise on outcomes.

Well developed and tested response plan – We had a clear step by step Pilot > Deploy > Test > Go live at home solution model. This is based on principles of being nimble and clear vision.

Be proactive – Act before a full lockdown is announced. We started running test pilots following our response plan and aimed for at least 25% completion daily, adjusting our target along the way.

Learning from failures – Acknowledging and accepting workflow failures is the first step of the learning curve. We refined the processes upon finding any pitfalls, arguments, and communication gaps.

Communicate – Rapid, comprehensive and frequent Communication is the key to productively managing the crisis.

Categorization – A structured and logical approach -based on resource availability.

Be transparent – Assertively express the urgency, get client support after a successful test run, explain the goal in a concise, clear manner, and show them the facts.

Measure and monitor every progress – The following day-wise graph shows our recent transition (For Prominent APAC locations) to WAH conditions in one working week:

Work at Home success rates

Be grateful – In the face of the crisis, our entire team has shown remarkable camaraderie, resilience, and unity. Fusion CX management gone extra miles to balance business continuity with employee welfare.

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