Being Humane: Fusion CX Takes Up Its Social Responsibilities

Fusion CX Takes Up Its Social Responsibilities

Call center people works daily with a schedule packed to the brim. They are busy to keep the customers happy and content. Customer service reps bring smile on every faces with their keen sense of empathy, understanding and zeal to resolve a customer issue.

If we can restore smile on the face of an irate customer why cannot we stretch out a little more and bring smile to those who really need us.

MNCs take initiatives to show their responsibility to reduce carbon footprints, working for the development of sustainable living, global warming or rainforest depletion, putting up fight for abominable diseases, education-for-all or joining Red Cross ventures.

They like to step inside big endeavors, but that is not something strategic always it is a natural repulse.

Call centers of today are equally bound and responsible to the society. They do not shy or sway from portraying their humanistic feelings. They show the human face contributing to various charities, supporting variety of causes, or sharing intrinsic feelings towards the society.

Fusion CX Lending a Helping Hand

At Fusion CX, we do some selfless acts that help to boost our agent’s self-confidence and restore their essence of being a human. Critics share an opinion that the charities done by corporate people help them to establish a stalwart public image.

However, at Fusion CX we believe that a soulful actions or a good deed is a simple and a noble initiative that we Fusion CXites love to do just for the sake of humanity.

Fusion CX has actively engaged in various charitable activities over the four outsourcing destinations (USA, UK, India, and Philippines) with the help of their employees working in their 9 contact centers. For making charities Fusion CXites tend to –

  • Choose the right cause
  • Make voluntary contributions
  • Taking collections

In the past nine years, Fusion CXites engaged to connect the soulful acts through various voluntary contributions or taking active part in various events. We owe many duties towards the society and in a fast moving it is not possible to keep a tab, so these charities make us conscious of the soulful concerns deep seated in our mind.

We Supported the Right Cause –

Sick Children Foundation

Recently at St. George Bay in Newfoundland, we moved in to show our concern towards the Sick Children Foundation. Children with poor health need to travel away from home to receive treatment some at this foundation, they need our help, most of all they need their families.

We have been supporting the organization since three years and we tried to contribute enthusiastically for those ailing child. We run a fundraising campaign for the organization and our STV team staffs the phones to accept the blessing around the world. Lately, we made some generous donations towards the foundation.

It was a little help. Fusion CXites are a co-fighter to those children, and manning the phones is allowing us to lend a helping hand for this generous cause. Hats off to the STV team for being a part of this enriched community.

We Make Voluntary Contributions –

Missionaries of Charity

In the month of March this year, we extended our helping hand towards those innocent faces residing in Sishu Bhavan and Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa Foundation) in Kolkata, India.

Fusion CX employees came together to support this cause. Fusion CXites gave baby foods, baby products, and toys to those toddlers. It was a just like another working day, but the difference was that we were with some innocent little lives who want to feel loved and cared for.

Fusion CXites were happy to be a part of this initiative and proud to.

We have contributed to a number of Initiatives for our fellow global –

There are times when it becomes impossible for us to reach those places where help is needed. At those times, we take up collection and donate to a cause to boost our employees morally.

We took a noble initiative to help victims of “Typhoon Haiyan” in the Philippine region occurred in November 2013 that snatched away 6828 lives. Fusion CX made monetary contributions, as it was not possible for our organization to turn up at the dilapidated areas in the concerned time.

Goonj” is yet another initiative taken by Fusion CX to donate old/unused clothes to the poor people who do not have sufficient clothing to survive the harsh weather conditions. They might have lost everything in certain disaster, so donating our clothes is just a small help that we can offer.

Giving the Gift of Life

For past three years Fusion CX organizes blood donation camps within its office premises in India to battle the shortage of blood in the blood banks. During the summer months the blood banks often face a crisis and a lot of patients suffer due to this.

Every year over 500 Fusion CXites come together for this noble cause and contribute their share to save their fellow citizens.

We Feel Happy Helping Others…

According to the Bible, “doing good to other’s returns in hundred folds.” Contributing to noble organization or supporting a cause or doing charity helps to improve the quality of our life both within the workspace and outside.

These little initiatives helped Fusion CXites boost their morale, make them happier, and improve productivity.

You will attain a satisfaction helping the poor souls. This helps to refresh our mind with some good cause, and that reflects in our daily effort.

Being noble makes Fusion CXites feel special!!

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