Why Is Work-At-Home Your Most Effective Business Continuity Solution Right Now?

work-at-home call center solutions

With the unprecedented COVID-19 situation looming, the business world needs to change its outlook faster than ever. With daily business operations and employee health at stake, businesses must quickly evaluate their processes and develop a quick business continuity solution. Work at Home offers unique flexibility and solutions.

How is the present situation affecting your business?

The present situation has given rise to two significant concerns for modern businesses:

1. The health and safety of their employees

With this virus’s human-to-human transmitting nature, businesses can no longer afford to continue doing business the traditional way without risking the lives of their employees. According to the US Department of Homeland Security, 50% or more of the US workforce could be directly impacted by the disease, and that includes those who are infected, are taking care of a family member, or even are forced to stay home due to the lockdown.

Therefore, many businesses are transitioning from a traditional office setup to an at-home system to ensure employee well-being.

2. Commitment to customer experience

With international travel bans, quarantines, and total lockdown, your customers face many issues like delayed deliveries, limited business hours, and much more. While you cannot resolve most of the problem issues, you can at least deliver a highly personalized customer experience to make your customers feel better during these troubled times. Offering round-the-clock customer service through your customers’ preferred communication channels is the least you can do. However, with a workforce already affected by the crisis, it is impossible to deliver optimum support to your customers.

To ensure better customer support, you need to have a solid business continuity plan where you can promptly shift your workforce to a work-at-home setup and even hire some extra hands by outsourcing your business operations to a reputed contact center service provider with work-at-home capabilities.

How can a work-at-home outsourcing partner help you in the present situation?

An outsourcing partner with work-at-home capabilities can play a vital role in developing a business continuity plan. A trusted and experienced call center outsourcing partner can provide sound methodologies and best-practice solutions to deliver high-quality customer support and other business operations from home, moderating your business risk and increasing your comcompany’ssilience.

As a global BPO with work-at-home capability, Fusion CX works closely with all our clients to design the best delivery model and business continuity plan. We have two decades of experience in providing work-at-home solutions to our clients. Our work-at-home solution is designed to handle increasingly complex business continuity needs and provide high-quality customer support free from local business disruption issues.

Here are some of the benefits of our work-at-home solutions:

1. Handling Fluctuating Call Volumes

Our flexible at-home workforce can easily handle call volume spikes. The present crisis has affected the logistic chain, and as a result, order tracking queries have increased in the e-commerce industry. The healthcare industry is experiencing an unmatched number of COVID-19 inquiries. The travel and hospitality industry, too, is affected by travel bans, which have resulted in many booking cancellations. Our home-based workforce is ready to handle these call volume spikes across all industries.

2. 24/7/365 Availability

Providing 24/7/365 support and availability is easy when you have a geographically diverse workforce. Our work-at-home agents are spread across the globe. Therefore, we can support your business continuity needs throughout the year.

3. Reduced Agent Attrition and Turnover Cost

In our experience providing work-at-home solutions, we have seen that attrition and absenteeism rates among at-home agents are below the industry average. Home-based agents stay with a job longer, significantly reducing the turnover cost.

4. Business Continuity Excellence

A geographically dispersed workforce allows Fusion CX to reduce the chances of widespread disruptions or outages. Even in the present global pandemic crisis, Fusion CX’CX’s-home workforce can help you carry on business as usual.

5. Managing Staffing Needs

With our 3000+ global at-home workforce, we can easily accommodate your changing staffing needs. We can quickly scale up the volume during the peak season and scale it down when the season ends.

6. Increased Productivity and Performance

When our best talents work from home, they are more productive and perform at their optimum level. A recent study by Stanford University found that allowing call center agents to work from home can cause a 13% increase their performance.

7. Better Customer Satisfaction Ratings

With highly personalized customer service interactions by our satisfied home-based agents, you can enjoy increased customer satisfaction rates, which results in improved sales conversions.

These are some of the key benefits of our work-at-home solutions, which can be the heart and center of your business continuity plan.

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