Why Call Center Trend Won’t Become a Thing of Past?

Customer Service Call Centers

Yes, call center trend won’t die. Customers will keep on calling or receiving the phone, as it is the great media of contact.

There are so many reasons for the consumers to contact the companies and there is no reason to think that phone is dead. Consumers in this era prefer to get the support over the phone to another method of contacts. For this reason, the contact centers will, not die away any time soon.

Let us check out the latest survey that shows phone support is the most effective one:

The question asked in the survey was: Which Method Do You Prefer To Contact with the Customer Service Call Centers?

Interacting Media % of Preference
Telephonic Conversation 79%
Email 33%
Web self-service 19%
Automated Phone System and Conversation 19%
Web Chat 12%
Automated Phone System 10%
Online Phone Call 8%
Letter Sent via Regular Mail 4%
Text 3%
Social Media or Online Forum 2%
Fax 2%
Video 2%
Others 2%

If you watch the chart carefully, you will find that telephonic conversation is still in huge demand over other new media. Even in United States, people prefer to converse over the online phone beside the telephonic conversation for their business transactions.

We at Fusion CX provide excellent customer support over the telephone, to maintain the top-notch client-customer relationship. A top-notch client-customer relationship is the hidden reason for successful business. Therefore, you must have it.

Fusion CX is a multichannel contact center, but phone support is the most effective if we compare to other channels. We have assessed that 72% of our customers are satisfied with the telephonic interaction. That too the service provided by the agents and the 12% of them are satisfied with self-service phone.

With the advancement in the technology, the call center structure has changed at a larger scale. Traditional call centers have to maintain plenty of staff on-hand to handle the incoming calls for customer service issues and queries.

The deployment of advanced call center technologies has made different business gain impetus in their niche. Presently 3.5 million of agents are working with US inbound call centers. If we look into the number of inbound calls transacted over the year on average, it sums up to 45.4 billion and it costs $5.90 per calls.

Futuristic Call Center at a Glance

The number of agents working at today’s call center is huge. However, the concentration of the female population is little larger than the male population. Around 71% of the agents are female and 29% are male. As females are excellent at retaining tonal quality, along with the hospitality, which is essential for customer service.

Inbound calls are still having a large percentage in the call center queue. It is around 79% and the outbound calls are around 21%.

The number of customers served through the inbound and outbound calls is divided in two approaches: mass market and business customers. The percentage of mass-market customer is 75% and the business customers served are 25%.

The call center services are generally of three types: customer service, sales only and sales plus service. With the advent of higher technologies, the percentage of each service is categorized in the following manner:

  • Providing customer service- 49%
  • Providing sales only- 21%            
  • Providing sale and service- 30%

To stay ahead in this competitive market, get the right outsourcing partner. As call center won’t die but their efficiency will be in turn increasing at a rapid speed.

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