The Customer Experience Horror Story Called 2020

Customer Experience Horror Story

Customer experience is the latest buzzword of modern businesses.  CX is known to boost customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and improve the bottom line. However, the current year, 2020, has not been the ideal year for setting examples of excellent customer experience. With the COVID-19 pandemic looming, businesses faced a lot of challenges. Delivering state of the art customer service and customer experience tops the list of challenges.

The primary causes for the customer experience challenge were:

  • Changing customer behavior due to the crisis
  • Businesses operating in BCP mode
  • Lack of ready solutions to tackle the situation
  • Anxiety and safety concerns among the employees

All these reasons made delivering quality customer experience a tough challenge and turned it into mini horror stories. Some horror stories are as follows:

Zombified Response

With companies operating in business continuity mode, some of the important services were severely affected. As brands were forced to operate with a limited number of employees due to lockdown and healthcare regulations, it severely affected customer communication across all channels. Customers today expect an immediate response from brands, especially in a time of crisis. However, in this crisis, most brands failed to make the mark.

The Growing Giant of Customer Expectation

The current pandemic has made customers all over the globe anxious and restless. All of a sudden, their usual way of life was disrupted. Their movements were restricted. As a result, even the most digital-averse customers started seeking digital solutions. It led to an increased dependency on customer service. On the other hand, operating with a limited number of employees, brands could not deliver prompt customer service, leading to customer frustration.

The Ghost of Digital Solution

Before the pandemic, not every brand was thinking in the line of digital solutions. As a result, when the customer expectation changed in favor of digital solutions, the solutions were simply not there. It resulted in poor customer experience and further customer frustration.

The Invisible Man Named Self-Service

Not all companies have adopted useful self-service techniques to make the job easy for their customers. Before the pandemic, self-service was not even on the priority list of most small and mid-sized businesses. With the shortage of employees, the self-service offering has become a necessary aspect for businesses of all sizes. Customers today not only expect self-service but see it as a necessary feature of a good brand. Therefore, standing in 2020, the absence of self-service is a major customer experience red flag.

These are some customers experience horrors that the customers have faced in 2020. Businesses these days are trying hard to come out of these pandemic challenges. Thankfully they have a chance to have an ally in this battle.

Call Center: The Knight in Shining Armor

Call center outsourcing has proven to be a knight in shining armor for their clients in the battle against pandemic challenges. Multichannel call centers like Fusion CX have helped its clients successfully run their business in BCP mode and keep their employees safe while ensuring faster response to customer queries and issues. Their voice support and live chat supports have been invaluable in keeping the pace of customer communication in times of need. The fast, professional, and courteous customer service by call centers has helped their clients significantly lessen the customer experience challenges in 2020.

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