Speech Recognition in Call Centers

Speech recognition technology is widely used in call center companies of repute. It has enabled in launching more complex as well as flexible applications in turn helping call centers automate several transactions for higher effectiveness. Speech recognition is preferred over the touch-tone interaction in several systems and is gaining in popularity by the day.

Call center services also set up natural language call automation by utilizing the speech recognition feature. For optimization is a system performance prior to total deployment, the speech recognition feature is made available top a limited number of users as a pilot; note that a good pilot implies an iterative process. Before and after deployment the checks that has to be run includes checking the data, running the system, as well as tuning the system to ensure that the business needs are fulfilled.

The speech recognition technology if adopted by the call center companies implies that the managers have to be constantly monitoring the recognition accuracy as well as maintain the grammar coverage. For improving the performance levels, the system is also checked for tuning the recognition parameters. The ongoing data collection through these checks can also be used for tracking changes in usage owing to increase in caller familiarity or may be changes in the number of callers.

Call patterns are also researched and studied closely to understand how the patterns work for developing a model on the manner of how people talk. Speech recognition is in vogue and used in several fields and industries.

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