Why IVR is Best Foor Phone Verification

Phone Verification

Often prospects of businesses enter phone numbers when filling up forms on a shopping cart site or when making a purchase order; these phone numbers are verified by the call answering service agents to find out if the numbers are valid. The numbers might also be provided on offline paper forms at stores and restaurants, which needs to be verified. Telephone answering service agents need to learn if the phone numbers are existent and working. The name of the owner of the number must also match with the name provided on the online or offline business form.

The main purpose of having this phone verification is to authenticate the credential of the individuals. Phone verification is a must for banking sectors, credit card issuers, as well as for ID proof; these firms hire phone answering service call center for verifying the phone numbers. Phone verification is also seen as a way to decrease several unproductive calls by tele-callers considerably.

How does the IVR system work in this case?

When prospects enter phone numbers on the online and offline registration forms, they are provided a number that they have to dial from the number they have provided on the form. As soon as the phone rings, the call is disconnected and the Caller ID is captured without charging the caller for the call. The Caller ID is then matched with the phone number provided in the form. This enables the verification of the phone number and the registration will also be accepted.

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