Nirvana From Complex Contact Center Management with 5 Innovative Tools

Nirvana From Complex Contact Center Management

Well, it is hard to guess at the present date, how many call centers are working in the global outsourcing base. A large proportion of the call centers rely on older technologies and ignore the impact of the new technology.

Fusion CX, one of the leading contact center uses advanced technologies to bring better solution both to their customers and their clients. We use some of the technologies that let our agent has better efficiency, reduces the attrition rate, and let them enable hassle free transaction of the call.

Fusion CX uses 5 innovative technologies to give their agents the nirvana to work in a comfortable environment

Call Routing

We have to ensure that the call gets through the right agent; so that, the callers and the call handler do not get frustrated. The common criticism is that it is rare for the callers speak to the same agent more than once. So here the call routing helps a lot. According to a research done by CustomerServiceGroup, follow-up calls are routed back to the original to whom the caller spoke to and is able to craft a better relationship between customer and business.

Having the call routed to the right agent helps to continue the dialogue and close the deal. In a contact center, you have to face the element of troubleshooting especially in call resolution, where callers have to browse through a lot of menu options.

Call Recordings

It is a tedious task for the agent to listen back to calls. At traditional contact centers the agents spool through a tape of the previous 24-hours, to look into further details. It is labor intensive and at the same time inefficient. The problem is that the caller is passed to another call center located in some other country, and the recording will not be retained.

Fusion CX has deployed integrated voice recording solutions and makes the search simple and quick under the caller ID criteria. This gives the call a digital life. The file contains the entire call details even if it is passed to another call center for further transactions.

Call recording is also crucial for the training purpose and allows the contact center managers to demonstrate the new staff, this tangible evidence contributes to the over call center efficiency.

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics, the latest call center innovation that allows to search audio files like call recording for particular keywords and phrases. This is an innovative tool made for the futuristic contact centers according to the survey dine by Avaya. As call centers have a low ratio of supervisors to agents, the voice analytics software enables the checking of compliance issues and monitor agent performance.

Like if we did a transaction for financial services company, we have to comply with the Financial Services Authority regulations. Using the voice analytics software, companies can bring up the calls that contain the particular phrases.

Flexible Location

Contact centers need a large number of physical workers to carry on the various call transactions. Cloud-based technologies are helping the contact centers in any location to simplify the call just with the sue of a phone, PC and an internet connection.

Cloud as assessed by Oracle in their recent survey has enabled the virtual assistants to work from home and reduce the commuting pressure and creates a bigger work and life balance. Web-based business telephony solutions recently popular as a disaster recovery solution.

Multi-Tab Interface

We have felt that customers feel frustrated if they are put on hold while other search systems for the information they intend to know. With a multi-tab interface says Attachmate, an agent can work more efficiently and can search for the information they need while the call is live without disrupting the conversation.

Fusion CX has been using the multi-tab interface to help their agents in having information at their fingertips. We implement innovative tools that reduce workload and meet the busiest objectives with better efficiency.

We are moving with the current and helping our global clients and customers to get the best solution and higher ROI for their respective business.

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