Mobile –The Best Direct Response Marketing Tool


At Fusion CX, we are no longer dubious about the mobile marketing future in reference to direct response marketing. Current data shows that individual usage of mobile is intensifying and their appetite for mobile ads is becoming growing.

According to the study done by Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that 70% of the customers are in favor of receiving mobile ads on their Smartphone, a stunning metric indeed.

The study also shares the insight on mobile internet usage that is going to surpass the desktop web usage by 2014. Reports suggest that, by 2014, a part of mobile web users will stop or rarely use desktop Internet. Further, some added facts show that the mobile marketing budget is going to rise in the upcoming five years.

Mobile engagement is witnessing a steady escalation because it can generate positive ROI. Data piles up clearly stating that mobile marketing is the fastest medium to produce a result compared to other direct response-marketing channels.

At Fusion CX, we provide effective direct response telemarketing services via O’Currance (a Fusion CX Group of company).

O’Currance has integrated mobile marketing as the most effective direct response tool in order to drive optimistic results. We are driving growth for our client business positively since the integration. Why did we choose mobile?

Let this blog piece disclose the five good reasons, which influenced O’Currance to integrate mobile strategy in their direct response marketing tactics:

1. Conversions Generated At a Faster Rate

Mobile marketing can truncate lead-to-sale’s pipeline dramatically. Around 70% of the online searches as we stated above generate result in a single month. We must think of the implications going to inherent.

With the use of mobile, we can keep feeding our sales pipeline day in and day out.

Research from the Google shows mobile users are always ready to buy. They are not making searches or simply clicking an ad rather they are the real buyers.

Smartphone Users Notice Mobile Ads

2. Customer Engagement takes a Leap

Google predicts that phrases such as “Call us now” or “Call now” have 8% higher conversion rates than standard mobile ads.

Research also shows that phones conversion rate is 10 to 15 times higher, compared to landing pages. BIA Kelsey confirms in their research that 64% of companies say phone calls brings on profitable leads.

How mobile marketing relates to it? Well, mobile generates those phone calls as 52 percent of the mobile ads transforms into phone calls.

3. Targeting Local Customers

For direct marketers, targeted advertising is the cherry on the cake. Mobile is one of the best medium for hyper-local targeting. Google let us know where the mobile searchers are in real time, not their apparent location rather their exact location.

Reports suggest that 40% of mobile searches have a local target. Prospects are after immediate solution. Hence, they focus on the local services.

Google further adds saying that 95% of Smartphone users look up for local information regularly and 88% of the users likes to take action within a day.

Local companies must take this advantage immediately. If a business is unable to appear on the mobile search, it will miss profitable leads in 2014.

Smartphone users look up for local information

4. Audience Falls Addicted

Smartphone are the greatest addiction, we know how it sticks to people through their meals, movie, or even a trip to the restroom.

We the direct marketers are in search of a channel to get our messages in front of the potential customers that will give customers no choice but to look.

We need an easy access to make our message reach out to a wider market. With mobile marketing, Fusion CX is getting constant access to customers.

5. Easy Measuring Metrics

We have realized that performance analytics is a key to gauge our success rate. Marketing cannot rely on branding alone rather they need measurable results.

With Google Analytics, trending mobile industry it has become easy for the direct marketers to track a Smartphone user’s location, how frequently they visit the website and the device they use to search.

Fusion CXites further integrate Google Analytics Multi-Channel Conversion Path with a call-tracking tool to track every engagement of the customer.

Why Fusion CX Suggests Mobile As The Best Direct Response Marketing Tool?

At Fusion CX, we do not agree with arguments that mobile too young to be crowned as the best direct response tool. We feel mobile marketing as a unique method that shoots up the response rates and success rates.

This opportunity can boost customer engagement, conversion rates and in the long run can generate a profitable ROI.

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