Language no barrier for Manila BPO agents

While outsourcing to the call center companies in Manila the entrepreneurs have one fear in their mind that is whether the language will become a barrier. Will the quality of the call center services get affected due to the language issue? But to much relief of the modern day business enterprises the answer is negative.

The Manila BPO agents have a strong hold over the English language. Such command over the language is because of the extensive use of English as a medium of communication in all the educational and other organizations of the country. Besides, what works to the advantage of the call center companies in Manila is the clear and neutral accent of the citizens. So attending the English speaking clients is not much of a problem for the Manila call center companies.

Besides the long connection with the developed countries of the west, particularly USA have resulted in cultural proximity. Such proximity made the task of establishing connection between the business and the buyer easier for the Manila BPO agents.

Philippines has a colonial connection with Spain as well. Considering that the world’s Hispanic population is on the rise, knowledge of Spanish language is an added advantage. In fact if we have a look at the population composition of USA, Spanish is the second most popular medium of communication. If the Manila call center agents are proficient in Spanish, the business enterprises find it easier to approach wider target demography and to cater to the needs of a multiethnic customer base. Not only Spanish the call center agents in Manila are proficient in French as well.

So language possibly cannot become a barrier when business processes are being outsourced to call center companies in Manila.

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