How to Know if Your Potential Customers Are Flirting With You

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There are certain things that customer service providers should watch out for when customers make calls. There are some customers who are genuinely interested in the client’s products/services, while there are others who just want to kill time flirting with customer service providers. The latter reason can cost companies a lot of time and expenses.

There are indicators that tell US call centers that customers are flirting. Flirtatious customers show a lot of interest in the client’s products/services and never show interest in going through the buying stages. When follow up is done on the lead, the customers keep saying that they need some more time to think on it or require more information, and at the same time show good interest in the products/services.

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These customers waste the time of BPO companies in the United States and their customer service providers by constantly inquiring about the products and services being marketed, but never proceeding to make any real purchase. They tend to take a lot of time trying to make purchasing decisions and keep apologizing for taking so much time and asking for more time to make decisions. These customers are also the ones who leave encouraging comments on the business’ blogs but refrain from clicking on the business offers.

For avoiding flirts when looking for customers for businesses, US call centers must have a clear picture of customers that businesses want to attract and should look for signs that tell customer service representatives that customers are flirting or not. It is important to have a good understanding of the purchasing habits of potential customers, so that call centers are not fooled by flirting customers.

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