How To Boost Sales And Achieve Higher CX With Order Taking Services

How To Boost Sales And Achieve Higher CX With Order Taking Services

Regardless of the size of the company, order taking services are crucial for every business type and industry. These services don’t look complex apparently and there are big players like Amazon and Google who handle such services in-house. However, for a small, mid-sized or startup company, it isn’t very feasible.  There are challenges faced by small businesses and also some bigger players when it comes to offering satisfactory phone order taking or multichannel order fulfillment services to the customers.

How To Overcome Challenges With Order taking

  • Problems faced by small-scale companies

    Small businesses, startups or a one-product firm comparatively have small scope of operations. The entrepreneurs pay more attention to core processes. Usually, small businesses don’t put much emphasis on non-core processes. Mostly, order processing is handled by an employee who also has other activities to perform. And here remains the problem. When order taking is the secondary responsibility and not primary, it will lead to lack of professionalism, slow service, missed calls or emails during peak hours and substandard customer experience as a whole.


    You should outsource order taking services if you don’t want to lose customers and nurture good order processing practices. By outsourcing, orders can be auctioned faster and you will also be able to use extra resources during peak hours, which will make your small-scale business more agile and more responsive to market demands. If you are looking for order taking call center services, Fusion CX can help. It will help you overcome these challenges while giving adequate time and support to your sales team to focus on bringing new business.

  • Problems faced by large-scale companies

    A large-scale business usually has its dedicated department for handling order taking services. Mostly, the department is capable of managing the process at present. But, the problem with large-scale businesses is that they often increase and decrease their service or product line for end users. So, employee hiring and firing remains a constant stress with a business starting to expand or cutting-down due to a crisis-led situation.


    Process of phone order taking is quite crucial to several firms. Especially for large firms, the importance of reputation management is also crucial. It is the first time when a potential customer comes in contact with your business. Therefore, for streamlining the process and to ensure greater CX, you should outsource 24/7 order processing call center services. Outsourcing the process to a qualified call center is a wise choice as it can provide numerous benefits like cross selling and upselling, error-free order processing, prompt response leading to high chances of customer satisfaction, etc. Agents handling inbound order taking call center services have good convincing skills which can influence callers to make a purchase, hence boosting sales.   

 How To Increase Sales With Order Taking Call Center Services   

When you hire an answering service or outsource order taking services to manage your orders, you get access to other solutions from experts as well. Most call centers include order taking services in answering services. But, order taking itself consists of several steps like convincing, initiating, receiving, processing and fulfillment.

The best order taking call center services provider in Montreal, Canada provides 24/7 order processing call center services that can be integrated into a range of processes within your company.

Let’s see how a company will increase sales with order taking services:

  • Cross selling and Up selling

    These are two essential activities associated with sales that can add a notable amount of new customers. Whenever a customer calls your business to place an order, he or she usually wants to buy a particular product. But the call center agents can influence the customers to buy something of a higher value which is linked to the original option of the customer. Outsource order taking services to increase chances of cross selling and up selling.  

  • Improved customer engagement

    All companies strive to create a positive customer experience today. A key advantage of speaking with a live agent is it provides the scope to generate higher levels of engagement. If you consider order taking and processing a part of sales activity, you should know that sales calls are not straightforward and are very dynamic. It is very common to encounter questions from customers and their concerns that are new to you. If you outsource order processing services, there will be live agents to assist customers at every stage of the process, decrease call abandonment rates and escalate lead conversions.

  • Error-free order placement

    While placing an order, the buyer provides information necessary for proper processing. If the employee taking the order is not competent to receive the information properly, it may result in erroneous placement of orders. If inaccuracies related to receiving of orders arise frequently, these may prove to be distressing for the image of the company.

    The call center outsourcing vendors offering order taking services together with order processing have agents which are well-versed in conversational and listening skills. This ensures that they listen and enter the information provided by the customer properly and make sure it is processed as per their instruction.

How to achieve higher CX rating with inbound order taking call center services

 Inbound order taking call center services are crucial from customers’ viewpoints. Imagine you ordered an item but got something else. Or, what if suddenly you found your order has been cancelled without any explanation?  Will you be able to keep calm when you reach out to the customer help desk but no one is there to assist you? Most possibly NO.

The whole process of order taking is an important factor in building a successful and strong customer relationship, if the services you provide are at par. And if your business is customer-centric, the importance of professional order taking services multiplies. This is because it is the first milestone in a customer’s buying journey. If it starts right, it will end right.  

Bringing internal change or development is significant if you want to update your order taking process. Target its roots. Revisit your strategies and re-evaluate whether the mechanism and methods you are following are still relevant or obsolete. The complete process of order taking should be considered- from receiving the order till delivering it.  

Outsource order processing services because it is a proven way to manage customer orders and their expectations efficiently. Outsourcing an order taking call center can also help you in managing your expenses. Ensure you select the best order taking services provider in US and UK like Fusion CX that offers high quality service by skilled professionals.

Why choose Fusion CX’s order taking services?

A global call center like Fusion CX provides multilingual, multichannel order taking services. Our inbound answering services include every step of order fulfillment that customers value and appreciate. Our services are compliant to PCI DSS and other data safety regulations that meet requirements and scales perfectly with your business.  We leverage state-of-the-art technology, improved KPIs and skilled agents for ensuring high level of order taking operations. If you are planning to outsource order taking and processing services, call us now!  

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