Fusion CX Adopts 5 Ways to Boost Agent Retention

Agent Retention

Often contact centers arrange agent retention campaigns. Do you know why they arrange it? As we know that working in a call center is a tedious job, the agent has high chances to leave the job at every stage.

Since the agent has to handle huge volumes of call throughout the day, so repeating the same act 50 to 75 times irritates the agents. Many people who began their work at the contact center, probably knows that how monotonous is the job.

In eminent contact centers like Fusion CX, we break up the agent’s day periodically. Things like agent training and team meetings that associate with different activities all are a part of the daily schedule. However, what else the agents can do in between handling the calls, which do not occur in the specific time.

Fusion CX knows that happy agents can make the customers happy in return. Boosting up the agent retention is necessary, but how contact center can meet it? Here, we have some of their own ideas to share.

1) Agent Growth

You won’t be satisfied if the customers come to know more about the product and the service offered than your agent. If customer problems get resolved through multiple channels before calling the call center, then no complex issues will be left to resolve.

So make sure that the agents have the proper training to increase their communication skills and have the detailed information to entertain all the abrupt questions coming from the customers.

2) Use Of Social Media

We ask our agents to support the customers through the social media platforms on behalf of the company. This helps to liven up their agent’s day and takes the customer service to the target markets.

Social media is the recent craze among the customers and people like to engage themselves through this platform as it is an instant way to communicate. In the beginning of the day, a little of social networking can really escalate the agent’s mood as well as engage in customer satisfaction.

3) Mingling With The Customer Community

It is better to ask the agents to mingle with various customer communities via an assigned task. It will not only reduce boredom, but could end up turning idle time into a call evading solution. And it really helps agent to know the customer traits in a better manner. So if they have to handle an irate customer, there would be less chance of getting frustrated.

4) Back Office Experience

Customer experience is the biggest concern to start the sales process within a call center. It also helps to ease the back office backlog, improve the customer experience and offer various back-office tasks like – application processing, fax communications, and processing returns.

5) The Opportunity To Welcome A Call Effectively

Your agent must get the opportunity to take the customer call without any interruption and begin warm customer relationships. For that, we train them with creative ideas to greet the customers, so that even irate customers feel keen to carry on with the conversation.

At Fusion CX, we try to make our call center a better place to work for our agents. As the time is tight, we have to stick to the service rules. High attrition rate and the low agent engagement is not the norm. One has options to challenge the accepted methods during the intraday management.

In spite of all the tactics, we follow, it is generally seen that staffing and call volume don’t quite match up. 85% tenancy equates to 17 hours of idle time a month. Therefore, in such cases we have seen that automating intraday management helps to re-purpose the time so that our agents can take a break from calls to improve customer experience, contact center productivity and agent retention.

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