Offshore Call Centers: En Route to Success for Small Business Owners

Offshore Call Centers

Do you aspire to become a self-sufficient business owner?

To be self-sufficient is the primary desire of many business owners. Instead of spending money on the outside agencies, business owners prefer to handle their task themselves. They prefer to run their business operations in-house.

This is a good business sense and a speculated step which both small and mid-size businesses adopt. However, there are a number of advantages when it comes to outsourcing certain office tasks. Small and start-up business owners can have a huge benefit by hiring a call answering service.

At Fusion CX, we have an opportunity to work with industry leaders. Some of these businesses are small but are promising in their services and product bench. We associate with these promising small business owners to offer them quality support.

After the end of the campaigns, a majority of our small business clients notified us that they not only saved their money by opting for our offshore services, but also helped their business grow faster in terms of profits and customer acquisition.

Businesses have started to recognize the value of hiring a call answering service. It’s no more a cup of coffee for big entrepreneurs, even start-ups or small investor can leverage their tasks to offshore call centers.

Advantages Small Business Owners Can Have From Offshore Call Center Services

Saving money through offshore call center service seems counterintuitive. How will an outside agency provide effective service at a low cost in comparison to in-house agents?

Comparing In-House Agents and an Outsourced Agent


Have you ever thought of the hidden cost of hiring an in-house agent? – You have to pay them salary, have to pay for the set-ups, rent of work-place, equipments, internet connection etc. A lot of money is also spent on training the agents until they are ready to hit the floor.

Moreover, as the agents will be working in-house they will take sick leave, vacations, holidays and worse is that you have to pay them even when they are away from work. You have to consider the situations like turning up late due to heavy traffic on their commuting path or a bad weather. You have to face a threat of untimely quitting, with or without putting a notice. Seeking a suitable replacement or a temporary agent is a hard task.


  1. In comparison to an in-house agent, the offshore agents work for much less.
  2. In case of offshore call center services like Fusion CX, you do not need to spend on training and development.
  3. An offshore call center can provide you with professional customer service 24/7. You do not have to worry about loss of work due to vacations, casual or sick leave, traffic or other variables. It’s the contact center’s headache.  All you need to know is that your customers will get assistance whenever they need with the offshore agents.
  4. No more will the customer service remain tied to the whims of a single person, customers will get a smiling retreat and every issue will get the importance it deserves.

Get a quality offshore call center support to have a good impression on your customers, they will be more happy and that too within a small budget.

Comparing In-house and Offshore Services


Often with in-house customer service, you are going to face the problems like – power outages, technical difficulties, and natural disasters. You might not stay prepared for such circumstances all the time.

Even if you stay prepared, you may face problems like labor deficiency while managing such situations.


  1. Offshore call centers come in handy in case of power outages, technical difficulties, and natural disasters.  As their job is to ensure that your customers get quality service, they try every possible mean to deliver.
  2. If tornado, a hailstorm, an earthquake or a hurricane affects your business, your customer calls will not go waste. The offshore representatives on your behalf can talk to them and resolve their issues.

Additionally, opting for offshore call center services will help you to reduce overhead cost, improve customer service and have rapid business growth.

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